Changing Inherited Traits

imageThere are a great many people who are disturbed over the fact that they have inherited certain characteristics or ailments from their parents, but what they have inherited is simply subconscious tendencies in that direction, and those tendencies can be changed absolutely. What we inherit from our parents can be eliminated so completely that no one would ever know it had been there. In like manner, we can improve so decidedly upon the good qualities that we have inherited from our parents that any similarity between parent and child in those respects would disappear completely. The subconscious mind is always ready, willing and competent to make any change for the better in our physical or mental makeup that we may desire, though it does not work in some miraculous manner, nor does it usually produce results instantaneously. In most instances its actions are gradual, but they invariably produce the results intended if the proper training continues.

This is where a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session becomes helpful.  It will help you in the process of changing your beliefs and thereby changing you physically and mentally.  Nothing is impossible!  Allow yourself to experience the metamorphic process.  Contact me for an appointment. ~ Kathyann