Ambition, Goals and the Power Within You


The more you think of what is right, the more you tend to make every action in your mind right. The more you think of the goal you have in view, the more life and power you will call into action in working for that goal. The more you think of your ambition, the more power you will give to those faculties that can make your ambitions come true.

The process is fairly simple but in some cases requires changing your beliefs and stopping the negative thoughts.  The more you think of harmony, of health, of success, of happiness, of things that are desirable, of things that are beautiful, of things that have true worth, the more the mind will tend to build all those things in yourself, provided, of course, that all such thinking remains in a positive light for you and all around you.

Therefore, it is important to train your every thought and your every mental action to focus the whole of attention upon that which you wish to realize, to gain, to achieve or obtain in your life.

The power is all within you and all you need to do is access it through your mindful thoughts and expectations.

Wishing you all a mindful, creative day! ~ Kathyann