Meet Your Other Selves Through Hypnosis

Other Aspects of YourselfHere is an interesting conversation, Session #1041, held Sunday, March 24, 2002 between Julie and Elias (an energy personality essence channeled through Mary Ennis).  In this session, the fact that Hypnosis can take you to meet your other selves is validated and is all based on your beliefs. ~ Kathyann.

JULIE: Could I ask you also, I had an experience with a man who said that through hypnosis he could put me into a deep trance, which he did, and then actually go through my most recent past life, through the death experience into the after-life, as he called it, when I was not here on Earth in any particular focus. I had this experience where it seemed to me that through this hypnotic state I did go to another level and felt extremely energized and very — what would the word be? — free, I guess is the simple way of saying it. I’m wondering, would you validate that that was actually a level of my consciousness that is not here on the planet, or was that a physical place or a place on another energy level, or was it just all in the mind, or what was that? Do you know?

ELIAS: Yes. I may express to you, this is a valid and quite real experience.

Now; understand that your translation of this experience, once again, is influenced by your beliefs and associations with your beliefs, for in actuality there are no levels of consciousness, and the experience does not incorporate you as what you term to be a part of you that is not present in this physical manifestation, for you are essence and therefore all of you as essence is actually incorporated within this manifestation. This is not to say that you hold an objective awareness of all of these aspects of yourself, and in this type of relaxed state, which you may generate yourself also, you do allow yourself to move your attention.

Within this physical dimension you have quite efficiently designed a blueprint concerning how you shall physically manifest within a physical dimension incorporating solidity and time.

Now; in this, you have chosen in conjunction with the blueprint of this physical dimension to generate a strongly expressed belief in separation and singularity. This has allowed you throughout your time framework of this physical dimension a purity of experience in the exploration of generating a physical reality in tremendous diversity.

Now; in association with that belief of singularity and separation, you do not allow yourselves to view the vastness of yourselves, and you generate a certain expression of tension that directs your attention specifically and singularly to merely this one focus of attention. All of your focuses of attention are occurring simultaneously, be they within this physical dimension, nonphysical areas of consciousness, or any other physical dimension which is expressed.

Therefore if you allow yourself, figuratively speaking, to bypass the hold that you generate in relation to this singularity of attention, you allow your attention to move and recognize other aspects of yourself. This may be expressed in allowing yourself to experience or to view — for some individuals choose not to move into the expression of actually allowing themselves to experience another aspect of themselves, but merely to view other aspects of themselves — but in this, you may allow yourself to view or experience other-dimensional focuses or other focuses within other time frameworks in this physical dimension.

JULIE: So it seems to me that by allowing myself to view or include in my consciousness that part of my essence that was so powerful and so unlimited to certain beliefs, that to be able to hold that in addition to my beliefs and my limits in this focus would be possibly what we would call a type of spiritual awakening, where all the great spiritual traditions stress that we are all one and that duality is just a perception.

Is it possible for focuses like us who are so focused on our lives and the details of them in the physical form to live daily with both awarenesses at the same time, or is there a reason why it’s better to just stay more limited in what we’re aware of at all times?

ELIAS: Ah, and I may express to you, my friend, this is the point of this shift in consciousness. Yes, it is quite possible, and beyond possible, probable that you shall incorporate what you view as both awarenesses, for this is what you are generating in creating this shift in consciousness.

This is the point, to be allowing yourselves the awareness of yourselves as essence in its vastness and to also continue within this physical dimension without the limitations that you have incorporated previously. The manner in which this is accomplished is to be recognizing your beliefs, acknowledging them and accepting them, and therefore offering yourself choice as you widen your awareness and become familiar with what you are as essence and what your abilities are as essence even within your physical dimension — for your abilities are unlimited.

In this, as you widen your awareness, you allow yourself to objectively generate an understanding and a knowing of HOW you create your reality in this physical dimension. And although you continue to incorporate beliefs, you neutralize the beliefs, for you allow yourselves to direct yourselves and choose that direction regardless of the expressions of your beliefs. Knowing that it matters not, you may be choosing to express a belief or you may be choosing to move around a belief in a manner of speaking, and the objective expression itself matters not. What holds significance is that you yourselves recognize that you incorporate the choice and therefore you are not subject to the expressions of beliefs.

This is what I do in order to help people increase their awareness of who they really are.  You may contact me for a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session if you are interested in meeting your other selves in other dimensions and receive answers to your life-long questions.  Email me at for an appointment or read more about the process under the QHHT tab of this website.  Pricing depends on where you live as the session is held in your home. ~ Kathyann.