Start Anew – Create Something Totally New


Happy Saturday!  It’s Coffee Time!!! Pour yourself a glorious cup of your favorite coffee and then find a comfortable place to sit and discover how you can consciously create your life with these instructions from Bentinho Massaro.
Bentinho: What are you passionate about? What are you talented in? What resonates, what brings you joy? These are the signals to act on, to follow and to be in the energy of, regardless of circumstance.
Your circumstances are always a reflection of your past state of being. They are the manifestation of who you’ve believed yourself to be in the past. So if you want to change your present, or your future, you need to stop taking your queue from your circumstances because all you’re doing when you do that is taking your queue from your past state of being…
Create something new, do not ask for permission from the circumstance ever, to feel how you want to feel, never ask for permission from anything, do not ask for any reason, do not ask for any valid reason from your circumstance, from people around you, from how much money you have, from where you live, from if you have a house or not, stop taking your circumstances to mean something, do not put it on a pedestal, stop asking permission to feel and act and believe different.
“Oh may I feel different now? No because this or that still looks the same. Oh, ok. I’ll work on changing it first. I’ll work on changing my circumstances first.”
And meanwhile, circumstance (= holographic energy-reflection of your consciousness) is taking its queue from you all the time. It’s taking its queue from you, so if you don’t change, it is not going to change either.
If you take your queue from circumstance and circumstance, all it can do, is take its queue from you, then you’re in this infinite loop of self-deprivation; congratulations. You’re a master at creating your own reality. You’re just not a master at creating the one you desire. A master none the less, don’t take away any credit from yourself, see how powerfully you have generated your circumstances by perpetuating the same points of view, having the same beliefs about life, how hard it is, how difficult it is, how hard you need to work before you can enjoy, feel permitted to feel joy and self worthiness.
OR: Let go of all that crap, all that nonsense, all that bullshit that was never yours to begin with, you merely decided to carry it around for the sake of your parents and society for a while. But no more. Choose no more.
Life, your true Self, wants you to start something fresh, to turn a new page. Give to life your energy, don’t take your energy from life, don’t say ‘how should I feel? Well based on this and that, I should feel like this…’ – no. Your circumstances are waiting for you, they’re asking you “How should I feel, how should I shape myself to reflect your heart, your spirit, your attitude, your consciousness, your mind?” so give off a vibrational attitude of your choosing!
It (life/circumstance) wants to be fed new ideas, it wants to be fed new perspectives which are in alignment, that do feel good, that do feel connected.
Your circumstances are waiting for you to change how you feel, your circumstances are waiting for you to change your vibrational attitude, your circumstances are waiting for you to change who you are, who you define yourself to be, your definitions about life. Stop nit-picking on your reality, stop taking anything from your circumstances, only give to it, give to it what you want to see, give to it how you want to feel, give to it what you want to create.

You’re the one who’s convoluted with words and ideas and stories, that’s why you keep re-creating the same fiction, the same storyline. If you want a different storyline realize that the pages are always blank and you are projecting on to that whatever you believe is true.
Change what you believe is true and you will change what you see right in front of your so-called eyes.
Change your attitudes, your perspective, your frequency, feel into a different frequency, imagine a completely alternate reality that you never allowed yourself to even imagine. Grasp from what you do not yet know and bring it into yourself. Close your eyes, let go of everything you know, and attain something unheard of…
Grasp and download to you new realities through the power of imagination.
Imagination is not delusion, it is creation, it’s your only tool to create a new reality, to tune into a different frequency while you still hear the same frequency.
Imagination is your savior; it’s like as if there would be a second dial on your radio able to tune into different frequencies even while you are still playing 92.1 fm. 92.1 fm here represents your physical reality, or what seems to presently be ‘true’ in your physical focus.
The other dial on your radio is the one which we call imagination, that non physical focus that allows you to tap into new realities before you decide to fully turn the dial of the physical focus to the same frequency as well. Imagination allows you to explore worlds that are potential realities for you to shift into.
That’s why I say that the non-physical is 99% of my focus, is the imaginative level and so it allows you to tune into what you desire and then you can click back into the other one, it can transmit to the other one.
Imagination is literally for seeing the future, whenever you imagine something you start to embody that reality. So imagine something unheard of, outside of your realm of possibilities, something so outside of what you would conventionally conjure up as reasonable, realistic and possible, plausible and probable, that other people will see you as either a crazy person or a visionary. That’s the space you want to be in: Crazy visionary. You were this way as a kid.
Imagine something completely new, download something straight from God, straight from Christ consciousness, straight from Buddha consciousness, download something new, a new vision, a new way of being connected to yourself, a new way of expressing something, a new way of being an example in this world.
A new way… something you are not yet, or have ever thought of, heard of, seen or glimpsed before, completely outside of the box of what you could ever think of. Ask for that, be in that focus, be in that narrow band frequency of downloading an unheard of song; an unheard of creation.
Your frequency has to be fine enough to filter through the denser, common wave frequencies, so be very fine-tuned, be in this intentionality that is so fine-tuned, so high in its frequency, in its refinement, in its intention to receive something other-worldly, outside of the realm of what you believe to be.
Remain in that space, in that attitude of receptivity, in that question mark and you will start to see things you’ve never seen before, you will start to hear things you’ve never heard before, you will start to feel things you’ve never felt before and you’ll start to act in ways you’ve never acted before and you’ll start to create a reality you’ve never created before and there’s a good chance nobody else has ever created it quite like that before.
You’ll become this unique being, this unique expression of life, this beacon of light and inspiration, this light of reminding others of something beyond the context of what they know.
Surprise them by surprising yourself time and time again with a new vision. Got it? Feel it? Something new, the new attitude, the new state of being, you can create anything you desire. And more than what you desire. You can create things that you do not yet have the ability to fathom into existence, but it’s there, it’s right beyond the edge of where you believe you can see, it’s right beyond the edge of your own context. It’s awaiting you.