Love Yourself Through Life

Good morning!  It’s coffee time again.  Rise and shine and smell that sweetness of love in a cup!! ☕️❤️☕️

Love yourself.

Make peace with who you are and where you are in this life now.

Listen to your heart.

If you can’t hear what it’s saying in this noisy world, make time for yourself and listen carefully.

Enjoy your own company.

Let your mind wander among the stars.


Take chances.

Make mistakes.

Life can be messy and confusing at times, but it’s also full of surprises…

the next rock in your path might be a stepping stone.

Be happy.

When you don’t have what you want, learn to want what you have.

Make do and be content about it.

There aren’t any shortcuts to tomorrow.  

You have to make your own way.

And if you ever get lost, don’t worry.

Someone who is meant to help you, will find you.

Count on it.

Life isn’t days and years,

It’s what you do with the time you are here.

And with all the goodness and grace that’s inside you.

Remember you are magic!  Sincerely, Kathyann

Start Anew – Create Something Totally New


Happy Saturday!  It’s Coffee Time!!! Pour yourself a glorious cup of your favorite coffee and then find a comfortable place to sit and discover how you can consciously create your life with these instructions from Bentinho Massaro.
Bentinho: What are you passionate about? What are you talented in? What resonates, what brings you joy? These are the signals to act on, to follow and to be in the energy of, regardless of circumstance.
Your circumstances are always a reflection of your past state of being. They are the manifestation of who you’ve believed yourself to be in the past. So if you want to change your present, or your future, you need to stop taking your queue from your circumstances because all you’re doing when you do that is taking your queue from your past state of being…
Create something new, do not ask for permission from the circumstance ever, to feel how you want to feel, never ask for permission from anything, do not ask for any reason, do not ask for any valid reason from your circumstance, from people around you, from how much money you have, from where you live, from if you have a house or not, stop taking your circumstances to mean something, do not put it on a pedestal, stop asking permission to feel and act and believe different.
“Oh may I feel different now? No because this or that still looks the same. Oh, ok. I’ll work on changing it first. I’ll work on changing my circumstances first.”
And meanwhile, circumstance (= holographic energy-reflection of your consciousness) is taking its queue from you all the time. It’s taking its queue from you, so if you don’t change, it is not going to change either.
If you take your queue from circumstance and circumstance, all it can do, is take its queue from you, then you’re in this infinite loop of self-deprivation; congratulations. You’re a master at creating your own reality. You’re just not a master at creating the one you desire. A master none the less, don’t take away any credit from yourself, see how powerfully you have generated your circumstances by perpetuating the same points of view, having the same beliefs about life, how hard it is, how difficult it is, how hard you need to work before you can enjoy, feel permitted to feel joy and self worthiness.
OR: Let go of all that crap, all that nonsense, all that bullshit that was never yours to begin with, you merely decided to carry it around for the sake of your parents and society for a while. But no more. Choose no more.
Life, your true Self, wants you to start something fresh, to turn a new page. Give to life your energy, don’t take your energy from life, don’t say ‘how should I feel? Well based on this and that, I should feel like this…’ – no. Your circumstances are waiting for you, they’re asking you “How should I feel, how should I shape myself to reflect your heart, your spirit, your attitude, your consciousness, your mind?” so give off a vibrational attitude of your choosing!
It (life/circumstance) wants to be fed new ideas, it wants to be fed new perspectives which are in alignment, that do feel good, that do feel connected.
Your circumstances are waiting for you to change how you feel, your circumstances are waiting for you to change your vibrational attitude, your circumstances are waiting for you to change who you are, who you define yourself to be, your definitions about life. Stop nit-picking on your reality, stop taking anything from your circumstances, only give to it, give to it what you want to see, give to it how you want to feel, give to it what you want to create.

You’re the one who’s convoluted with words and ideas and stories, that’s why you keep re-creating the same fiction, the same storyline. If you want a different storyline realize that the pages are always blank and you are projecting on to that whatever you believe is true.
Change what you believe is true and you will change what you see right in front of your so-called eyes.
Change your attitudes, your perspective, your frequency, feel into a different frequency, imagine a completely alternate reality that you never allowed yourself to even imagine. Grasp from what you do not yet know and bring it into yourself. Close your eyes, let go of everything you know, and attain something unheard of…
Grasp and download to you new realities through the power of imagination.
Imagination is not delusion, it is creation, it’s your only tool to create a new reality, to tune into a different frequency while you still hear the same frequency.
Imagination is your savior; it’s like as if there would be a second dial on your radio able to tune into different frequencies even while you are still playing 92.1 fm. 92.1 fm here represents your physical reality, or what seems to presently be ‘true’ in your physical focus.
The other dial on your radio is the one which we call imagination, that non physical focus that allows you to tap into new realities before you decide to fully turn the dial of the physical focus to the same frequency as well. Imagination allows you to explore worlds that are potential realities for you to shift into.
That’s why I say that the non-physical is 99% of my focus, is the imaginative level and so it allows you to tune into what you desire and then you can click back into the other one, it can transmit to the other one.
Imagination is literally for seeing the future, whenever you imagine something you start to embody that reality. So imagine something unheard of, outside of your realm of possibilities, something so outside of what you would conventionally conjure up as reasonable, realistic and possible, plausible and probable, that other people will see you as either a crazy person or a visionary. That’s the space you want to be in: Crazy visionary. You were this way as a kid.
Imagine something completely new, download something straight from God, straight from Christ consciousness, straight from Buddha consciousness, download something new, a new vision, a new way of being connected to yourself, a new way of expressing something, a new way of being an example in this world.
A new way… something you are not yet, or have ever thought of, heard of, seen or glimpsed before, completely outside of the box of what you could ever think of. Ask for that, be in that focus, be in that narrow band frequency of downloading an unheard of song; an unheard of creation.
Your frequency has to be fine enough to filter through the denser, common wave frequencies, so be very fine-tuned, be in this intentionality that is so fine-tuned, so high in its frequency, in its refinement, in its intention to receive something other-worldly, outside of the realm of what you believe to be.
Remain in that space, in that attitude of receptivity, in that question mark and you will start to see things you’ve never seen before, you will start to hear things you’ve never heard before, you will start to feel things you’ve never felt before and you’ll start to act in ways you’ve never acted before and you’ll start to create a reality you’ve never created before and there’s a good chance nobody else has ever created it quite like that before.
You’ll become this unique being, this unique expression of life, this beacon of light and inspiration, this light of reminding others of something beyond the context of what they know.
Surprise them by surprising yourself time and time again with a new vision. Got it? Feel it? Something new, the new attitude, the new state of being, you can create anything you desire. And more than what you desire. You can create things that you do not yet have the ability to fathom into existence, but it’s there, it’s right beyond the edge of where you believe you can see, it’s right beyond the edge of your own context. It’s awaiting you.


i love coffee

Good morning – It’s coffee time! Pour yourself a cup of your favorite coffee and add all your little favorites like that special cream you love or cinnamon, or whip cream, etc.  Join me in discussing how to get to where you want to be.

“YOU CAN GET TO WHERE YOU WANT TO BE FROM WHEREVER YOU ARE — but you must stop spending so much time noticing and talking about what you don’t like about where you are. Be a more selective sifter, and make lists of the positive things you are living. Look forward to where you want to be and spend no time complaining about where you are. The responsive Universe makes no distinction between the thoughts you think about your current reality and the thoughts you think as you dream of your improved life. You are creating by virtue of what you are thinking about, and so there is no advantage whatsoever to ponder, or remember, or observe or speak of things you do not want. Make your active vibration about what you do want—and notice how quickly your life changes to match your vibration.” ~ Abraham Hicks.

It’s true, this type of shifting behavior really does work.  No matter where you are, there are things to give gratitude for and gratitude is the beginning of shifting to the reality you desire.  Your circumstances do not dictate the reality you experience. Your state of being is what matters or materializes your experiences.  So change your state of being from that of complaining to one of gratitude, smile, and act out the life you desire and so deserve.

You could begin the day by asking and answering yourself out loud, “what do I love about where I am right now?”  Do this throughout the day every day and really put emotions behind your answers.  Before long, things will begin to move in the direction you want and you will soon find yourself in a place you want to be.

~ Kathyann.

Coffee Time – Best Self Talk – Talk to God Ever by Abraham

In need of a little break fromProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset your daily routine?  Well then, let’s do it.  Pour yourself a cup of your favorite coffee drink, fix it the way you like and don’t forget to pour it into a very special cup.  Seriously, I really enjoy pretty cups for my coffee.  They always make me feel special.  Join me in watching a beautiful video from Abraham with advise on how to empower yourself and raise your frequency.  The words from Abraham through Esther’s voice are just beautiful and magical and so empowering.  I would suggest listening to this daily or certainly whenever you are feeling down.  Take the time right now to sit back, enjoy the self-empowering words and the photos of some beautiful places here on Earth and enjoy.  Remember, you are amazing and deserve to have all amazing and wonderful things.


Lots of love to you,


Coffee Time – Communicating With Our GPS System by Kathyann

Coffee time for dog

It’s a new day friends, let’s make it a great one. Remember you create it – no one else can do it for you.  Grab yourself a cup of your favorite coffee and join me for conversation on the GPS systems.

I know many of you listen and follow what your car’s GPS tells you, right?  The GPS is a marvelous man-made piece of equipment that is beneficial to many who lose their sense of direction.  Many people have it — some use it often and others rarely use it, thinking they can find their own way.

Well, guess what concept the GPS was built after?  The human GPS.  It is interesting how many people often use their internal GPS in the same way they use their car’s GPS — some use it often and others rarely do, thinking they can find their own way. Finding your own way is a wonderful thing to do and so much can be learned when we lose our way and get off the beaten path/road.  However, may we all remember the internal GPS we have is eternal, cannot be destroyed, and knows the path or road better for us.  Life is so much more rewarding when we turn our internal GPS on, tune in to it, and then accept the suggestions it gives us as to which way to turn: right, left, straight, or go around and start over.

Ask it every day in a quiet place, preferably before rising out of bed, to guide you through your day – guide your thoughts, your intentions, your words, your feelings, and to make you more susceptible to its guidance that comes in many different ways.  Learn to listen and follow you innermost self and you will find peace, happiness, and the person you really are.  You will always find your place in this world — where you are utterly and unquestionably supposed to be.


Happy GPSing my friends!

— Kathyann

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Coffee Time – Appreciate Nature

Good afternoon friends.  Hope you are all doing well.  I invite you to join me for a cup of coffee this afternoon as we discuss the subject of nature and 2

May I say, if you do not have a loving concern for Nature in which you dwell, it’s time to wake up.  Nature is the reason you are alive and you need to begin caring for it, respecting it, and giving gratitude for it.

Nature provides for us in so many ways….

1.  Enjoyment, Relaxation, Peace
Simply walking on the beach while watching the sunset, sunrise, or the moon provides you the opportunity to unwind and reflect on what is happening in your life and whether a change is necessary.  I encourage you to make the time to go to the beach by yourself early morning or late into the evening or night when there are not so many people around. Engage all of your senses:

— Walk and look around.  Notice the beauty of the sun as it rises or sets, take in the beauty of the moon as it provides light, watch the waves as they roll in and out to shore, notice the bounty of water there, or watch the birds as they gracefully fly around.

— Smell the air and allow it to absorb your problems and carry them away.

— Feel the wind or air as it touches your body.  Put your feet in the water and feel the wonder as the water moves about you.  Bathe in the water under the beauty of the light of the moon.

If the beach is not to your liking, give it another chance with an open mind and I believe you too will see the beauty and reap the benefits it provides.  If you prefer, the mountains or a meadow as they can both provide the same benefits – they are truly breath-taking and provide such peace as well.

2.  Food and Medicine
Mother nature has provided you with food to survive and always will.  It doesn’t matter which foods you prefer over others.  They all have an element that has been derived by Mother Earth.  Along with the animals, the plants, flowers, and trees all provide us food to eat.  Additionally, there are many natural elements in them that are meant to be used for medicinal purposes.  These are natural medicines that your body can tolerate unlike pharmaceutical medicine that destroys.

3. Oxygen
We are given the oxygen we need to breathe through the air.  Our bodies need the oxygen and it is so freely given to us.  You can thank the trees and plants for this.

4. Water
Ahhh, wonderful water so freely given to us by Mother Nature.  Stop and think about all the ways you use water and then give gratitude to her for it.  You would not be alive without it.

walking in natureLet’s all participate in showing respect for Mother Nature, look around and appreciate her beauty. Thank the tress for the fruit they give us, thank the flowers for the happiness they bring us, thank the herbs for making our food taste better, thank the water for making us feel clean and hydrated, etc.

Have a wonderful day and remember, the more we appreciate Mother Nature, the more she will give us and the world will be a more beautiful place to be. ~Kathyann




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Coffee Time – Feel Good and Think Good

good morning coffee peace and loveHappy Saturday morning friends.  It’s time for a wonderful happy cup filled to the rim with coffee!!!!  Please feel free to join me for a few minutes of relaxation, time for yourself, and a few good thoughts.

So you have had negative thoughts about yourself, others, the world in general…… and you wonder why your life is not a happy place.  All things begin with thoughts.  So if you’ve been thinking negative thoughts, simply forget them and begin to think about things that make you feel good inside and make you happy.  By doing this each and every NOW moment, you will shift yourself to a whole different frequency where negativity does not exist.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a world with only positivity everywhere?  No matter what you have thought or done before, it is gone so let it go, NOW is where all your power is!  Right now you can use your power and shift yourself to a place you long to be.  When you know and do this, you can live your life without fear or regrets because you can always think good thoughts NOW.  Why wait, get started thinking good thoughts and see your life change for the better. Feeling good and thinking good – go hand in hand….. you can’t have one without the other.

I wish you all a day filled with good feeling happy thoughts! ~ Kathyann

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Coffee Time – Human Evolvement Will Not be Stopped

coffee 9

Good morning friends! Time for a gloriously rich, bold, strong cup of coffee with a croissant.  What about you? Are you in the mood for a cup? If so, join me for a virtual time together as we discuss human evolution.  Give yourself something to think about this weekend.

I wish to inform you that there is something beautiful and magical happening in our world and universe at this time.  It has been happening for a while now and will continue for a little while longer.  We are multi-dimensional beings and the Human species living on 4th dimensional Earth have been given the opportunity to evolve and move into another Earth – into a 5th dimensional Earth.  This will be a world where we as Humans remember so much more of who we really are.

Now there has been confusion of dimensions and densities.  They are not interchangeable as some believe.  Within the reality we call 3rd dimension is actually a 4th dimensional reality which is physical.  Within this 4th dimensional reality, we are actually going into what some people refer to as 4th density and this is because they are sometimes confusing the idea of the transference from 3rd dimension to 4th dimension. However, there is no 4th dimension transference because we are already there.  So going into 4th density is actually going into the 5th dimension.  In going into the 5th dimension, we will find there is still physicality and some degree of polarity. But there is much more flexibility in space and time – it is more slippery, unstuck, unglued so that we can experience more synchronicity which is our physical translation that everything is happening at once and that everything is connected.  One suggestion while transferring from the 4th to 5th dimension is to relax the idea of that structure that has been imposed upon your consciousness and let it be a little bit loser so that you experience more of the NOW thus relaxing the concept of space and time so that you can be a little more slippery in space and time and find your consciousness a little more fluid and moving around in space and time.  It is these kinds of things that will tell you that you are uplifting your frequency, uplifting your vibration, expanding your consciousness and becoming more aware that you are living in the NOW because in the NOW by definition means that all things exist are occurring at the same time.  So by living in the here and NOW, the less you will need the concept of space and time because there are less things to focus on.  When people focus on too many details and believe they have to make their life work by going through this step and this step and this step, they are creating more steps that then require more space and time in which to exist. But if you understand yourself more holistically, and just go from here to there and skip the intervening steps then you need less time and will experience less time and space.  You will live for the NOW where everything is.  And you will recognize that everything is just already here and NOW and you will be able to access it easier and the symptoms of that access will be more synchronicity and more slippage in space and time and more sensitivity to perceiving with your senses other vibrations, other dimensions, other realities, other frequencies of energies.  That is why more and more people are seeing more things from other realities, seeing colors and light they never saw before, seeing spacecraft moving in other dimensions, seeing spirits of people who have passed on into the spirit realm.  More and more this is coming forth into our society because people are becoming more heightened in their sensitivity to things that are representative of what is really here and NOW. Whereas previously, 99% of this was filtered out but now many are not doing so much filtering and are connecting more and more to their inner beingness and living in the NOW moment.

The 5th dimension is the last level of physicality beyond that it is more quasi-physical, quasi-energy beings.  But Humans are just going into the very beginning of that level as a society.  So allow yourself to live as you are meant to live, experience and evolve in the NOW.  All humans everywhere will evolve in one way or another and at one time or another.  Moving on, changing, and growing is inevitable.

As our planet continues its transformation into fourth dimension, those that choose to experience fourth dimension will create that experience for themselves, and those who do not will create a parallel existence in which they will exist in that way.  You will find that there may be many ways in which they will, and you will, vanish from each other’s reality. Either they will seem to die off to you, or you will seem to die off to them. Or in time, as the acceleration proceeds, you can simply witness that those individuals will no longer be within your reality. They will simply disappear. It is the formation, in a sense, of a particular parallel Earth. One that will experience the fourth dimension reality and one which may choose to continue another variation of third density and separation, in that way. It will be up to each individual as to when they choose to proceed.


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Stress Continues Negativity

stress and letting goWhat happens when you stress?  Have you ever paid attention to how you react and behave while stressing out?  Well, let’s list some things that occur when we allow stress to become dominant in our experience.
Emotional Symptoms –

  • Irritability or short temper
  • Agitation, inability to relax
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Sense of loneliness and isolation
  • Depression or general unhappiness

Behavioral Symptoms –

  • Eating more or less
  • Sleeping too much or too little
  • Isolating yourself from others
  • Procrastinating or neglecting responsibilities
  • Using alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs to relax
  • Nervous habits (e.g. nail biting, pacing)

Cognitive Symptoms –

  • Memory problems
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Poor judgment
  • Seeing only the negative
  • Anxious or racing thoughts
  • Constant worrying

Physical Symptoms –

  • Aches and pains
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Nausea, dizziness
  • Chest pain, rapid heartbeat
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Frequent colds

Now remember you have the choice to stress or not to stress.  Now ask yourself why you chose to stress?  Considering the above as consequences of stress, now ask yourself does it benefit you or others to stress?  Stressing about a situation or event is not going to change it or keep it from evolving into your experience because when you stress, you are focusing on something you don’t want, you bring it into reality – your reality.

It would be better to let go of the stress, relax, breathe, and control your intentions and thoughts.  Think yourself into a better feeling, a better place by detaching yourself from the outcome of something you are worrying about.  Concentrate on what you do want with a thankful heart and let the Universe work to bring it to you.  Now also remember you cannot control or create someone else’s life so stop stressing and trying to figure out a way to make someone else the way you want them to be.

Simply said, let go of worry, stress, and negativity – all things that make you feel bad, hurt, sad, scared, etc. and grab hold of all things positive – happiness, smiles, freedom, gratitude, love, inner knowing, joy, etc.

You are here to live a prosperous happy and loving life.  Don’t you think it’s time to start?

Wishing you all a happy, happy day filled with harmony. ~Kathyann.

Coffee Time – The Nature of Time by Seth

coffee and coffee cake

Okay friends, it’s that time again – COFFEE TIME!!!! Pour yourself a wonderfully hot cup of coffee and enjoy a dessert of your liking.  Enjoy!, Enjoy, Enjoy!

Today, I want you to contemplate what Seth and others say about time and how we have not been told the truth in regards to:

– time is not linear

– all time is happening now

– you can change your past

– you can re-create your future

Per Seth as channeled by Jane Roberts –

“Time as you experience it is an illusion caused by your own physical senses. They force you to perceive action in certain terms, but this is not the nature of action.

The apparent boundaries between past, present and future are only illusions caused by the amount of action you can physically perceive, and so it seems to you that one moment exists and is gone forever, and the next moment comes and like the one before also disappears. Everything in the universe exists at one time simultaneously.

The first words ever spoken still ring through the universe, and in your terms, the last words ever spoken have already been said. The past, present and future only appear to those who exist within three-dimensional reality.

The past exists as a series of electromagnetic connections held in the physical brain and in the nonphysical mind. These electromagnetic connections can be changed.

The future consists of a series of electromagnetic connections in the mind and brain also. In other words, the past and present are real to the same extent.

You take it for granted that present action can change the future, but present actions can also change the past. The past is no more objective or independent from the perceiver than is the present. The electromagneticpast present and future are all happening now connections were largely made by the individual perceiver. The connection can be changed, and such changes are far from uncommon. These changes happen spontaneously on a subconscious basis.

The past is seldom what you remember it to be, for you have already rearranged it from the instant of any given event. The past is being constantly re-created by each individual as attitudes and associations change. This is an actual recreation, not a symbolic one. The child is indeed still within the man, but he is not the child that “was”, for even the child within the man constantly changes.

Difficulties arise when such alterations do not occur automatically. Severe neurosis is often caused precisely because an individual has not changed his past.

A change of attitude, a new association, or any of innumerable other actions will automatically set up new electromagnetic connections and break others.

Every action changes every other action. Therefore, every action in your present affects actions you call past. It is possible to react in the past to an event that has not occurred, and to be influenced by your own future. It is also possible for an individual to react in the past to an event in the future, which in your terms, may never occur.

Because past, present and future exist simultaneously, there is no reason why you cannot react to an event whether or not it happens to fall within the small field of reality in which you usually observe and participate.

On a subconscious level, you react to many events that have not yet occurred as far as your ego’s awareness is concerned. Such reactions are carefully screened out and not admitted to consciousness. The ego finds such instances distracting and annoying, and when forced to admit their validity, will resort to the most far-fetched rationalizations to explain them.

No event is predestined. Any given event can be changed not only before and during but after its occurrence.

The individual is hardly at the mercy of past events, for he changes them constantly. He is hardly at the mercy of future events, for he changes these not only before but after their happening. An individuals future actions are not dependent upon a concrete finished past, for such a past never existed. The past is as real as the future, no more or less.

There is a part of you that is not locked within physical reality, and that part of you knows that there is only an Eternal Now. The part of you that knows is the whole self, your inner and outer ego (all that you are).

From within this framework you will see that physical time is as dreamlike as you once thought inner time was. You will discover your whole self, peeping inward and outward at the same “time”, and find that all time is one time, and all divisions, illusions.”

Coffee Time – Adventure Beyond Your Comfort Zone

coffee and strawberry cakeIt’s coffee time and once again you are welcome to join me.  Today, when you make you cup of coffee, I want you to really, really smell the coffee, listen to the sounds of the coffee maker, water boiling, the pouring of the water, pouring of the cream, smell the cream, appreciate your cup.  Make the coffee your own.  Sit and ponder about things in life you have put off doing for so long.  I don’t mean painting the house, mending clothes, cleaning the pantry, etc.  I mean adventures!

Now, if you can this weekend, take some time to adventure beyond your comfort zone.  There may be something you have always wanted to do but have been hesitant for fear of the unknown.  If you have ever wanted to hang glide, parachute dive, fly an airplane, climb a mountain, water rafting, etc., go for it.  Now is the time to enjoy life.  There are so many beautiful places in the world waiting to be explored and experienced.  Perhaps just going on a small hike, walking in the park by yourself, go to a forest and walk through it.  Just remember that the most important part of this process is to break free from your comfort zone, the limitations you set for yourself such as “I am too old to do that”, “I have no one to do it with”, “what if something bad happens”, or “I would look silly doing that”.  Life doesn’t wait for anyone so do the things you’ve always thought might be fun or you might enjoy. Do them with someone or for goodness sake, do them by yourself.  Just get out there, smell the air, become one with all that is around you, really look at things, and enjoy the beauty and amazement of the world.  When you love life, life loves you back so get out there and break free. ~ Kathyann.on top of the hill

Coffee Time – New Outlook

Good morning friends!  Coffee Time has arrived.  Feel free to pour yourself a cup of your favorite, sit back, take a deep breath, relax and prepare yourself for a wonderful weekend.  But first, you have to believe you WILL have a wonderful weekend.  coffee and attitude

After that I encourage you to tell yourself the following to set a new outlook on life. Repeat every day as needed:

I AM… strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind.  I am beautiful and important to this world for without me, it wouldn’t exist.  I am the picture of  health and prosperity and remind every person I meet to think of themselves in the same way.  I love to make all of my friends feel that there is something special in them.  I always find the optimism of everything and the best in every situation.  I avoid the acceptance of negativity in all manner.  As a matter of fact, I give negativity no attention. I realize there are no mistakes of the past only lessons learned and therefore, I release them from my life and no longer dwell on them.  I stay in the NOW moment concentrating on learning and improving myself. I have a cheerful and positive outlook at all times as I remember that the state of being creates matter.  I remember that everyone  crosses my path for a reason and reflects how I see myself which reminds me not to criticize but to see how I can improve myself. I love myself, my friends, all others, the world, the universes, and All that Is unconditionally. I AM… All that Is.

I love you all and always put out great intentions for all humans on Earth. ~Kathyann

Coffee Time – Be Happy

Coffee HeartGood morning Happy Friends.  It’s Coffee Time and you are all welcome to join me in a virtual way.  Pour yourself a cup, smell the aroma of those wonderful coffee beans, make it the way you like it and pour it into a very special cup.  I think the cup really helps to make the coffee taste so much better.  A pretty or interesting cup makes a difference.

Where ever you go today just BE HAPPY.  Be happy with yourself because you have accomplished many amazing things and will continue to do so.  Be happy with those who have made you smile for they lightened your heart.  Be happy with those who have made you sad or angry for they taught you something.  Be happy that your pet loves you no matter what.  Be happy because you have a place to live. Be happy because you have clothes.  Be happy you have food to eat.  Be happy that you are capable of feeling emotions as they are part of what constructs your life.  Be happy for the many things your children teach you.  Be happy you are healthy for this will keep you healthy.  Be happy you are sick because this will make you realize your desire to be healthy.  Be happy that you are alive and living in a world where you can choose from a vast array of things to add to your life that make you happy. When you see and feel happiness, you increase your positive vibrations higher and higher and when this happens – life takes a turn for the better.  Positive vibrations can only and I mean only bring positive results.  They are there – you just need to look for them. I wish all of you a beautiful happy day. Now go make yourself happy and pass it on.  ~Kathyann.

Coffee Time – Get Up on the Right Side of the Bed

good morning coffee

Good morning friends.  Please join me for a wonderful cup of coffee.  Make it as you like it – savor the flavor and enjoy!

What side of the bed do you get up on?  The right side of the bed means getting up in a good mood with your heart filled with Gratitude. Starting your day off right.

Gratitude holds more power than you realize and is such a simple way to transform your life. When you express real heart-felt Gratitude, you will magnetize everything you need, everything you desire, wherever you are. And this means a life filled with synchronicity, filled with ease and peace.

Positive life changes occur only as to the degree of Gratitude you feel and express.  If you are a little bit grateful, your life changes a little bit.  If you are a lot grateful, your life changes a lot.

It is always your choice whether to be grateful or not. No one else can be grateful for you –  it doesn’t work this way.  Since the Universe reacts to Gratitude by giving more things to be grateful for, I wonder which side of the bed you will get up on? ~Kathyann

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Coffee Time – Destiny

Good afternoon friends. It’s time for a coffee break and you are invited to join me.  A refreshingly great cup of coffee with a snack at this moment sounds wonderful. While enjoying your coffee, take the time to consider what you have been taught about DESTINY. What did your parents, teachers, and churches teach you about this? Ask yourself if what they told you makes sense? Do you really believe that we are all at the mercy of some outside Source who has planned our lives here on Earth to experience what the outside Source feels is best for us?  coffee 10

Many believe that DESTINY is something already decided for us of which we cannot change. This belief is so far from the truth as it is one of many lies we have been told in order to keep us subservient and to ensure we don’t use our creative powers.

The truth is that our destiny is not mapped out for us by some exterior power rather, we map it out for ourselves. And the way we do this is by THOUGHT.  Yes, THOUGHT equals DESTINY.

What we think, believe and do in the present NOW moment determines what shall happen to us in the future.  The present NOW moment is our point of power. Moment by moment, we have the power to change and improve our lives by regulating our thoughts and feelings and beliefs.

Please remember that you are the Captain of your Destiny and only you are the creator of your life.  Do not give this power away to anyone ever.  Claim it as your own because it is your own.  It is your birth-right from God the outside Source. This is one of your main purposes for incarnating to Planet Earth – to remember your great creator abilities. Take control of yourself and your destiny and make it a good one.  You are a Master Creator of your own Destiny!

If you need help with this, I am a Certified Life Creation Coach and can assist you.  Contact me for an appointment. ~ Kathyann

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Coffee Time – Seth on Responsibility

coffee 6Coffee anyone? Please pour your favorite cup and take a break. I am happy to have you join me.

Seth is an essence who channeled through Jane Roberts beginning in the ’60s through the mid-’80s. Many books have been written on his messages and I would encourage you if you have not read them to please do so. His messages are life-changing – well, only if you want them to be – it’s your choice. Below is quote that caught my attention and one that I felt important to share with you.

Seth: “All of you have but one responsibility and that responsibility is to the self. Not necessarily to the self as you know it but to the whole self. It is your responsibility, you see, to develop all your abilities. It is your responsibility to materialize within your own system your own potentials.”

“I am no beady-eyes spirit. I am no granddaddy longlegs of the spirit world. I have simply lived before within your system and on your planet. Unless you have read the material, it does me little good to go deeply into any specific problems or questions, since you will not have the background for this. The only message I can give you clearly is that you must develop your own abilities. You must probe into the intuitive self, for you will find much knowledge there. Books will help you, but the greater knowledge is buried within the layers of the self. You all have abilities, and you all have liabilities. Both of these come from experiences in other lives. The inner portions of your personality know the details of your lives. The abilities that you have now have been developed in other lives. Those problems which you cannot solve on a psychic and mental level, you will have to solve in the physical system.”

Woman under the pierEssentially, if you are unhappy, lonely, no where to go, no friends or friends not worth keeping, no money, no home to call your own, no way to make money, sick, fearful, angry, feel others are responsible for your misfortunes, bitter, hateful, tired of life, addicted to negative habits, etc., etc., it is time to take a really good and long look inside yourself. The answers to your life – not someone else’s life – are inside you and only you can fish them out. Meditation is the primary road to travel there. It might take you time to get there but you will get there with practice. After you receive your answers, you will then be responsible for creating them into your life. Simply do what you are told and place complete belief and conviction behind the fact that they will manifest and your life will unfold the way you want it. One of your main purposes in this life is to remember how to create responsibly. You are an off-shoot of the Master Creator so creation is what you know very well, you simply need to remember and work hard at creating the best possible. If you can be happy, why would you choose to be sad? ~ Much peace and happiness to you, Kathyann.

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Coffee Time – Movie of Your Life

It’s that time again guys!!!!  Time for a glorious cup of my favorite coffee. What about you?  Please make yourself your favorite and find a comfortable place to sit. Take a couple sips and savor the flavor. After this, please tell yourself how the movie of your life is going?  Be honest with your answers ’cause you’re not fooling anyone. Do you desire changes?  If so, make them.  It’s that simple.  coffee in pink and turquoise cup

You are the Director of your movie so make it how you want it. You have all props available to you. You only need to open your imagination and place a firm belief in your ability to create the movie you deserve. Cut out of your movie those things that no longer serve your best interest. Really take a good look around wherever you are at right now. If you don’t like where you live – start visualizing where you do want to live and place yourself in the picture. See yourself doing things you would love to do in your new home, place people who inspire you in the picture and delete people who are in your present life if they need to be replaced.  Make a full evaluation of yourself, those you have allowed into your life, and if necessary, make the changes. The life you desire will be playing soon so get to work.  Being a Director is not an easy job so stop dragging your butt and get to work. Make the changes now! ~Kathyann

its your life create it

Coffee Time – Events Serve a Purpose

coffee in a glassGood morning friends.  It is time for a wonderful cup of coffee.  I’m drinking mine with flavored cream and I encourage you to make the one you favor the most and enjoy.  Find a comfortable place to sit and get ready for discussion on how events serve a purpose. Your main purpose here on Earth is to experience events through physical senses.

You must recognize that prior to coming here, events in your life are pre-selected by you for the experience of the event. You must also recognize that every event serves a purpose and you can be choosing of the positive way for you to learn the idea that you are thinking about co-creating the event in perhaps a negative way. And by assuming that it serves a positive purpose and learning what that idea might be about before you need to experience it in a negative way, means that it doesn’t necessarily have to happen in a negative way for you to get the message.

When you realize a negative event or catastrophe is coming up.  Take time to evaluate and understand the reasons for why you created the event. And if you understand the reasons, then you may say,

“Well, now I understand the purpose for why I would have created such a catastrophe, so I no longer need to experience it as a catastrophe. I can now move ahead to the next thing.”

You must realize that when you try to avoid an event that you may perceive to be coming your way or is in your present now, you are pushing it away and whatever you resist, will persist.  It is better for you to spend time in meditation in an attempt to recognize these important events and then you choose how you wish to experience them, either in a positive way or a negative way.  You can also choose to experience them in your dream state which will count for the same experience in your waking state.  There is no right or wrong way to experience them, only how you choose for your best growth.  It’s all up to you.

I wish you all a wonderful day! ~ Kathyann

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Coffee Time – Linearity DNA

brown heart coffee mugTime for coffee sweet friends.  Grab a comfortable chair, pour yourself a glorious cup of “joe” and let’s talk about how you are so much more than you have been told.  Sweet friends, I encourage you to seek the truth about who you are and why you are here on this beautiful Planet Earth.  Below, you will find a quote from Kryon, a loving entity who has been speaking to those who choose to listen through Lee Carroll since the 80’s.

“You think DNA is chemistry.  Is is, but only 3% of it is 3D chemistry.  The rest is multidimensional information hiding in a seemingly random chemistry.  Scientists see this in its own way for it looks at the double helix where there are three billion chemical parts in each DNA molecule.  Each active loop of DNA has three billion chemicals. But when Scientist looks at the chemistry, all they see is 3% of it and assumes that this 3% is the only part that does anything.  Well, that 3% is the linear system that creates all the genes in the human body.

All the rest of the chemistry is not understood, representing more than 90% of your DNA, for science is always looking for the linearity. They want to examine the things they expect in their reality. Even when they saw the 90% as a seeming mystery, they continued to concentrate on the 3% because to them it is the part that does everything.  Human being, if you continue to only use your linear consciousness, then this is all you’re going to see – linear systems and linear behavior.

Step out of that 3% and explore the more than 90% of you that makes you so much more than you think!  You’re beautiful!  There’s mastery inside each of you! Seek it and find it!” ~Kryon

Please friends – I wish to help you establish a firm hold on your true self as I have.  Learn to let go of the immediate things you see within this 3D/4D world because they are all illusions. Reality is beyond the illusions – seriously life is so much more than what we have learned.  

I am a certified Life Creation Coach and ready to assist you with opening your mind to see beyond and form new beliefs that will enable you to soar to new heights. Contact me for an appointment within the Inland Empire area. Wishing you a beautiful day. ~Kathyann.

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Coffee Time – Reality Creation

coffee and cakeGood evening friends:

Hope you are having a wonderful day so far.  It’s coffee time, at least for me.  If you are feeling like a great cup of coffee sounds good, pull yourself one and take a break. Relax and enjoy a dessert as well.

focus on positiveToday, we will discuss the fact that in a manner of speaking, we humans have been given a very special gift from Source.  All of our beliefs become reality. What we believe will become reality in our lives and we will experience it.
There is no area in our lives that this does not apply to. Beliefs pull in emotion and emotion is filled with feelings which therefore enhance the energy vibrations you emit. When your vibrations match a certain frequency, the belief will materialize.

So my advice to you is to work on believing in all positive things you can imagine. Do not focus on the negative, forget about it.  Negativity does not serve your well-being.  If you are generally a negative person, it will take time to change your beliefs but I encourage you to practice every day focusing on the good in all and positive outcomes and you will see a difference in your life soon.  It takes time to change negative habits but it is so necessary for a prosperous and peaceful life.

I wish you a peaceful day filled with positivity. ~Kathyann

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