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Quantum Healing Hypnosis:

“The Quantum Healing Hypnosis session was the most powerful and enlightening experience I have ever had. It was an amazing revelation to who I am and what I, with the help of my Spiritual Team (as Kathy refers to them), can do.  I know it not only in my mind but in my heart too that I am completely healed of my diabetes that I have endured for four years.  I no longer have back pain as I learned what has been the contributing factor of it.  I also know without a doubt that I traveled to another dimension-so incredible. Kathy was so gentle and calm, that going through this experience felt so very safe.  Please take the time for yourself and schedule an appointment with her – you will never be the same.”

“Last month I had a QHHT session with Kathyann and I just want to tell anyone who is interested that this was the best decision I have ever made.  I was able to find out about the past lives that were most affecting me now and understand what my lessons are that I came here to learn so I could learn them and release them to the Universes. The experience is so vivid that I cannot express well enough in words.  When my past lives were revealed to me I was flooded with emotion and was able to release some of those emotional blockages that were holding me back in this life.  We also worked on my energy system and were able to get everything back in alignment which instantly made me feel much better.  I will definitely do this again to gain more insights.”  



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