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Quantum Healing means healing with your mind. We all make ourselves sick – emotionally, physically, and mentally with our mind, based on our beliefs. Therefore, if our mind is powerful enough to make us ill, then it is surely powerful enough to make us well.  

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy is a unique type of hypnosis whereas a special technique is used to put you in a Somnambulistic trance.  A trance state that you go through twice a day without realizing it – once before you go to sleep and again upon awakening from sleep.  In this particular trance state, you are able to access your Higher Self or Higher Consciousness and receive answers to questions you’ve been seeking about your life and receive healing. Now before this, you will be guided by your Higher Self on a journey to examine some of the other aspects of your Soul. You may be guided to review the life you are living in another dimension or another reality in this particular dimension but in another place.  You are a multidimensional being living other lives all at the same time since all things are happening simultaneously.  Now the life you review as shown to you by your Higher Self always has significant answers that will assist you in healing and making decisions to improve the life you are currently focused on in this particular time and space reality.

I have seen people healed instantaneously as well as over a short period of time. In majority of the cases, one session is all that is needed. 

Hypnosis therapy is nothing to fear as a matter of fact there is nothing in life that you should fear. It is a very comfortable process using a relaxed state of trance. It involves visualization and imagination which are the main key factors to a successful hypnosis session.  All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and is not anesthesia as some may believe.

Most important of all is hypnotherapy is a wonderful journey into another simultaneous lifetime where you can meet the other portions of your Soul – obtain information, heal yourself, and live a more peaceful and happy life as you were intended to do when you incarnated here on Earth.


6 thoughts on “QHHT

  1. Ashlee

    Hello beautiful spirit I would really like to have a session with you. And would like to know what your fees … I am located in riverside. Email me if at all possible.

    Love light and many thanks.


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