Once you have booked an appointment, I will email you a preparation packet which includes instructions and exercises to perform days before your session which will enforce your connection to your Higher Self and begin opening the door to your amazing journey.  Included in the packet is a brief form to complete that will be reviewed and discussed with you at your session time.  There is a form to write 10 questions you feel are most important to you and ones you are seeking answers to.  (Some examples of questions are listed below).  There is also a place to list any medical, emotional, or mental healing you desire.

The session is held in your home to allow you to feel most comfortable and to allow you to relax the rest of the day after the session.  Sometimes, the sessions are exhausting and so I feel more comfortable knowing that you will not be driving anywhere afterwards.  In fact, I encourage you to remain at home and relax.

The average time for the session is 3-5 hours. This time consists of a 1 hour pre-session talk, 2 hours in trance, and 1 hour post-session talk.

I will send to your selected email address, a MP3 digital recording of your session by the end of the day or no later than the following afternoon depending on the time of the session.  The email will instruct you to download the file and make a back up copy.  It will also include instructions on how and when to listen to the recording.

Examples of questions you may want to know about are:

  • I have had asthma since birth. Why? Can it be healed?

  • I am in a new love relationship. Is this person the right one for me?

  • I really dislike my job and would like to quit and find a new one. Should I?

  • I have a difficult relationship with my sister. Why is this so and can it be resolved?

  • Many years ago I had something strange happen to me. (This could be a dream, vision, feeling, or experience)
    What exactly happened, and why?

  • I have a lifelong interest in (name ANY subject) can we explore this in-depth?

  • Am I on my right spiritual path?

  • I believe I may have been experienced an alien abduction.  How can I be sure?
  • Can I meet my spirit guide or guardian angel?

  • Can I improve my intuitive or psychic skills? How?

  • How can I create more peace or balance or abundance in my life?

When you think about your health and well-being restored, it opens the door to a whole new world where opportunities abound abundantly.

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