What Will Raising Consciousness Mean for Humanity?

by Patricia Cota-Robles

Are you seeking some clarity about what in the world is going on in your life? Well, you certainly are not alone. These are very confusing times. The Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her experienced unprecedented shifts of energy, vibration, and consciousness on December 21-22, 2012. People around the world who were consciously aware of what was actually taking place during the Shift of the Ages thought that they would be able to tangibly experience positive changes in their lives immediately. Some people have experienced these changes, but many have not. Other people who were reading the hype but not really understanding what was happening, anticipated everything from the end of the world to the instant manifestation of Heaven on Earth. When neither of those things occurred, people erroneously determined that the Shift of the Ages was a hoax and that nothing happened. Actually, nothing could be further from the Truth. In fact, Humanity is now in the midst of a shift of consciousness beyond anything that has ever been attempted in any system of worlds. This is pushing everything from the old Earth that conflicts with the patterns of perfection for the New Earth to the surface to be completed and transmuted into Light once and for all. The accelerated challenges you may be experiencing in your personal life and the chaos you are witnessing around the world are evidence of this purging process.

Contrary to outer appearances, many people are experiencing amazing positive changes in their lives, but there are many people who believe that things have gotten worse in 2013. This phenomenon has inspired heartfelt pleas from the masses of Humanity asking our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven for answers and for Divine Intervention. In response, the Company of Heaven is projecting greater clarity and understanding into the mental and emotional strata of Earth. This is being done with the Divine Intent that awakening Humanity will raise our heads above the mud puddle of the surfacing negativity from the old Earth effectively enough to tap into these Celestial Sharings and Divine Guidance. This information from On High contains the answers we are seeking, and the clarity that will help us through this confusing phase of our Ascension process.

I would like to share with you some of the information being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Truth. Of course, the ideal is for you to reach up in consciousness and tap into the information that is being projected into the mental and emotional strata of Earth yourself. Only your own I AM Presence can interpret this information for you in perfect alignment with your Divine Plan. However, until you feel you are able to do that, ask your I AM Presence to help you perceive this Celestial Sharing through the eyes of Illumined Truth.

Nothing is happening by accident. This sacred knowledge is being brought into your sphere of awareness by your I AM Presence. Know that assisting in raising the consciousness of the masses of Humanity is an important facet of your Divine Plan. Take this information into the Divinity of your Heart Flame and ask your I AM Presence to reveal to you how this information is destined to help you fulfill your purpose and reason for being during this momentous time on Earth.

It seems as though every awakened person on the planet is talking about a global shift of consciousness that will affect every man, woman, and child on Earth. This information is coming through every Open Door. Lightworkers around the world are indicating that when this shift of consciousness is victoriously accomplished, Humanity en masse will be in the full embrace of our I AM Presence. We will then express every thought, feeling, word, action, and belief through the Heart of Christ Consciousness. As amazing as the concept of this shift of consciousness may seem, it is absolutely true.

The problem is that when we contemplate what would have to transpire in the hearts and minds of the masses of Humanity in order to move us from the consciousness we see when we turn on the nightly news to the consciousness of a literal Heaven on Earth, our finite minds seem to short circuit and we cannot comprehend the possibility of such a transformation. To many that idea even seems irrational or delusional, but it is not.

We have been told by the Company of Heaven that with the Shift of the Ages the Earth and ALL her Life Ascended up the Spiral of Evolution into the initial frequencies of the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Light. With the victory of that phase of Earth’s Ascension process, this blessed planet reclaimed her rightful place in our Solar System. This event allowed the Birth of the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline-based New Earth in the Realms of Cause.

As the Company of Heaven said previously, in order for us to grasp the magnitude of what the Birth of the New Earth in the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Cause means, we must understand that the 5th Dimension is a frequency of Light that transcends separation and duality. Within this higher frequency of vibration the gross mutations of disease, poverty, hunger, war, greed, hatred, or pain and suffering of any kind cannot be sustained. The 5th Dimension is a timeless, spaceless frequency of God’s Infinite Light and Perfection. It is the frequency that we have always known as the Heavenly Realms. Now with the Shift of the Ages God Victoriously accomplished, the Heavenly Realms have Ascended up the Spiral of Evolution into the more rarefied frequencies in the 6th-Dimensional Realms of Light.

The Beings of Light want to give us a glimpse of what it will be like when every person on Earth completes the shift of consciousness from separation and duality to Transfiguring Divine Love, Oneness, and Reverence for ALL Life. They said that the wondrous things people describe when they have a near death experience reflect a minuscule fraction of what life will be like once we complete our shift of consciousness and the transformation from the old Earth into the New Earth. That is difficult for us to comprehend because at the present time we are literally walking with our feet in both worlds. It is practically impossible to imagine how we are going to get there from here, BUT WE WILL!

This shift of consciousness involving the masses of Humanity will not happen through the intervention of some outside source, it will be victoriously accomplished through the unified efforts of you and me and the rest of awakening Humanity. We are One with our sisters and brothers in the Family of Humanity. Therefore, we have the ability to serve as surrogates on their behalf. Through our own I AM Presence, we have the ability to invoke the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth. We can then ask that aspect of their Divinity to utilize the unprecedented influx of Transfiguring Divine Love from our Father-Mother God to raise their consciousness the maximum that Cosmic Law will allow. With the intervention of the I AM Presence of every person on Earth, this shift of consciousness will occur in perfect alignment with each person’s Divine Plan and the highest good of all concerned.

KNOW that within the 5th Dimension, Divine Love and the consciousness of Oneness and Reverence for Life are the ONLY reality. The Sons and Daughters of God abiding in the 5th Dimension are destined to cocreate experiences that enhance life with every thought, word, action, feeling, and belief we express. We will cocreate win-win situations for everybody as we perpetually focus on Love, Light, and the highest good for ALL concerned. This may sound too good to be true, but actually it does not even begin to describe the wonders and joyous things we will be cocreating once we accept that the New Earth has been Birthed, and we daily and hourly live out of that profound Truth.

In order for the patterns of perfection for the New Earth to manifest in the physical plane, we must first tackle the CAUSE of the maladies existing on Earth. Unfortunately, most people are focused on trying to change outer appearances which are the EFFECT of the problem not the CAUSE of the problem. When we deal with just the outer appearance of a situation instead of what is CAUSING the problem, it is like trying to change the reflection in a mirror without changing the object that is causing the reflection. This is a futile effort, and we will fail every time. Outer appearances will only change if we address what is CAUSING the problem in the first place.

So what is the CAUSE of the unbearable pain Humanity is currently experiencing and has experienced for so very long?

The CAUSE of ALL of the maladies existing on Earth is Humanity’s distorted and fragmented consciousness based in separation and duality.

This consciousness is the antithesis of Christ Consciousness. It is the opposite of the patterns of Transfiguring Divine Love, Oneness, and Reverence for Life that are encoded within the patterns of perfection for the New Earth.

When every person on Earth has completed his or her Awakening to Christ Consciousness, we will all know that it is impossible to harm any part of Life without harming ourselves and every other facet of Life. With that realization, we will consciously and deliberately operate from the heart space of Oneness and Love. We will open our hearts and minds to the patterns of perfection for the New Earth, and we will find viable, win-win solutions for every situation or challenge.

For example when EVERY PERSON ON EARTH is functioning from a consciousness of Transfiguring Divine Love, Oneness, and Reverence for ALL Life…

* The debate over guns will be a moot point. Guns will not exist on the New Earth because there will never be a desire or a need to harm anyone or anything. War and crime will be nonexistent because the Oneness of all Life and the Infinite flow of God’s Abundance will be reclaimed through Christ Consciousness.

* The debate over abortions will also be a moot point. On the New Earth rape and incest will not exist. Men and women will be fully connected to their I AM Presence and they will live, move, breathe, and have their being within their 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies of infinite perfection. Within these Light Bodies, and with Christ Consciousness, perspective fathers and mothers will understand that no soul is given permission to embody on Earth without the agreement of the I AM Presence of both the father and the mother. Being born on Earth is a major event for any soul and it never happens by accident. On the New Earth no one will be getting pregnant without the conscious desire and decision to do so.

* The Infinite Abundance of God will be the order of the day on the New Earth. This will occur because with Christ Consciousness Humanity will remember that we are cocreators with our Father-Mother God. We will know that all that our Father-Mother God have is ours. We will understand that everything in the Universe is comprised of limitless, unformed, primal Light substance. There is no such thing as lack or limitation of any kind. We will clearly see that poverty as we know it is a human miscreation. It was never part of God’s Divine Plan. With Christ Consciousness we will realize that as we give so shall we receive, and that by using our gift of Life to add to the Light of the world we will open to the Infinite flow of Abundance from our Father-Mother God.

* In Christ Consciousness we will understand that as Sons and Daughters of God the Infinite Abundance of God is our Divine Birthright. With that inner knowing, greed, selfishness, the abuse of power, corruption, crime, and every other form of poverty consciousness will end. Self-serving Governments, the Military, Corporations, Financial Institutions, Religious Organizations, Doctors, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical and Insurance Companies, Energy, Agricultural, Environmental, and Judicial Conglomerates, all of which have contributed to the vast amount of pain and suffering Humanity has experienced since our fall into separation and duality, will no longer exist. There will be no need for them. Their fragmented fear-based consciousness cannot and will not be sustained in the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the New Earth. Can you imagine any of the corruption or abuse of power from the old Earth existing in what we have always known as the Heavenly Realms? Of course not! These gross mutations of separation and duality will not exist on the New Earth either.

* In Christ Consciousness every person will clearly KNOW that anything he or she does to enhance life for any person, any living thing, or any particle of Life will enhance life for themselves, their loved ones, and every facet of Life throughout the whole of Creation. Just imagine, when EVERYONE is operating from a consciousness of Transfiguring Divine Love, Oneness, and Reverence for ALL Life, NONE of the problems associated with the old Earth will exist. We will have transmuted the CAUSE of those maladies and the outer world EFFECTS will naturally change.


The Company of Heaven has affirmed that, indeed, this shift of consciousness is the greatest need of the hour. And it is the next facet of the unfolding Divine Plan for the New Earth and all Life evolving upon her.

Bringing this facet of the Divine Plan to fruition will take the collective efforts of you and me and the legions of embodied Lightworkers around the world. We are being called to serve as surrogates on behalf of the unawakened masses of Humanity. In this facet of the Divine Plan, we will work in unison with the entire Company of Heaven. We will serve as The Open Door for the Light of God that will raise the consciousness of every man, woman, and child on Earth the maximum that Cosmic Law will allow. This will happen in alignment with each person’s Divine Plan and the highest good of all concerned. This shift of consciousness will be God Victoriously accomplished through each person’s I AM Presence. It will involve the assistance of several powerful Celestial alignments and the amplification of our collective efforts by the entire Company of Heaven.

If you are reading this Celestial Sharing know that you have been preparing for lifetimes to assist with this vitally important part of the Divine Plan. We will all be in our right and perfect place, participating in the right and perfect way. All we have to do is invoke our I AM Presence and listen to the inner promptings of our heart. Our I AM Presence knows exactly what our part of the plan is. So listen to your heart and respond accordingly. This is our moment. Our time is at hand.

Please read the following information carefully. Then take it into the deepest recesses of your heart and ask your I AM Presence how you can best serve as an Instrument of God on behalf of your sisters and brothers in the Family of Humanity during this phase of your Divine Plan.

The Divine Plan

This will be a global event and every willing Lightworker will be in his or her right and perfect place. No facet of this Divine Plan is any more important than another. What IS important, is that we all listen to the inner guidance of our I AM Presence, and respond to whatever we are being guided to do.

Our Father-Mother God have sent forth a Clarion Call to all embodied ALL Lightworkers. We are being asked to gather within the portal of the most powerful forcefield of our Father-Mother God’s Transfiguring Divine Love. This portal is in the foothills of Tucson, Arizona. We must Trust and KNOW that if we are being guided to be physically present within this Portal of Transfiguring Divine Love, to serve with Lightworkers from around the world, then our I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven will assist us in paving the way. This is true whether we need assistance with time, energy, or money to accomplish this facet of our Divine Mission.

To get a feel for this Activity of Light please watch this 3-minute video.

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Together we will form a mighty transformer through which the Light of God will flow to help raise the consciousness of the masses of Humanity. This will enable the masses of Humanity to detach from the oppressive frequencies of the old Earth in ways they have not previously experienced.

Know that it is critical that Lightworkers from around the world be physically present to form through their unified Heart Flames the transformer through which the Light of God will flow to fulfill this facet of the Divine Plan. Listen to your heart, and Trust your inner guidance. All of the Lightworkers who have been prepared to serve in this wondrous way on behalf of Humanity and all Life on this sweet Earth will know who they are through the inner promptings of their heart. Pay attention. Your Light is needed now!

In addition to those who are inspired to be physically present, there will be Lightworkers who will join in consciousness from points of Light around the world. These Lightworkers will project the Light flowing through their Heart Flames into the Portal of Light where the Lightworkers are physically gathered in Tucson, Arizona. Thus our unified efforts will expand a thousand times a thousandfold.

The vehicle that will be used for this gathering of Lightworkers is the 27th Annual World Congress on Illumination. This event will take place August 10-15, 2013. We will gather at the beautiful Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson, Arizona. This exquisite resort exists within the heart of the Portal of Transfiguring Divine Love. All of the information you will need to participate in this wondrous opportunity is available on our website through the link below.
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God Bless YOU, for your willingness to be the Open Door that will raise the consciousness of unawakened Humanity the maximum that Cosmic Law will allow and secure the patterns of perfection for the New Earth in the physical plane.

This sacred conclave will be a celestial experience for everyone involved. We have wonderful and inspired presenters, musicians, meditations, and various other activities of Light that will enlighten you and guide you through this profound experience. Each day, as we successfully fulfill one phase of the Divine Plan, the Company of Heaven will reveal the next phase of the plan to us. As we sojourn through the various activities of Light, under the Divine Guidance of our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven, this facet of the Divine Plan will be victoriously accomplished.

The World Congress On Illumination is truly a life-transforming event that will provide you with the opportunity to meet old friends from around the world with whom you have been serving for aeons of time. Fellow Lightworkers will join hearts with you and support you in your monumental service to the Light.

The entire Universe is supporting us in this wondrous endeavor. The Beings of Light have been given permission to assist us in miraculous ways, but the Lightworkers on Earth are the predominant force bringing this Divine Plan into physical manifestation.

Our responsibility is enormous, but as we join our hearts together, we have the absolute ability to succeed God Victoriously.

Just for a moment, go within to the Divinity of your Heart Flame, and experience the overwhelming Gratitude and Love pouring forth from the Legions of Light in the Heavenly Realms. Feel the deep appreciation they are sending to you for your willingness to serve Humanity during this critical moment in the evolution of this sweet Earth. We are truly blessed beyond measure to be able to assist all Life evolving on this New Earth in this wondrous way.


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Patricia Cota-Robles
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©2013 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

The information in this monthly sharing is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of these celestial sharings is to encourage, empower, uplift, and inspire Humanity by allowing us to see the bigger picture during these wondrous but often challenging times.

Shift of the Ages by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

On December 21-22, 2012, the Earth will align with the Galactic Core of the Milky Way. This will open a portal of Light that will extend from the very Heart of our omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent Father-Mother God—the Cosmic I AM—All That Is, into the Divine Momentum pulsating in the center of the Earth. This influx of Light will flow through God’s all-encompassing Divine Matrix to bless every particle of Life on this planet. This Divine Matrix is the Body of our Father-Mother God within which all Creation lives, moves, breathes, and has its Being. This influx of Light will begin the process that will Birth the New Earth in the Realms of Cause. This will be Earth’s New Beginning.

From that moment forth, the patterns of our Planetary Cause of Divine Love and our recently Birthed Renaissance of Divine Love will easily flow into the mental and emotional strata of Earth. Humanity will be able to easily tap into these patterns of perfection and through our thoughts, words, feelings, actions, and beliefs we will bring them into manifest form. These patterns contain the viable solutions to every humanly-created malady existing on Earth.

The Birth of the New Earth will accelerate the awakening of even the most recalcitrant souls, thus causing a shift that will take place in the energy, vibration, and consciousness of each and every one of us. This shift will reflect a new level of understanding that all Life is interconnected, interrelated, and interdependent. Humanity en mass will begin to realize that what affects one part of Life affects all Life. From this new awareness people will be inspired to work together to find win-win solutions that will benefit every person and enhance the existence of every facet of Life on Earth. This is monumental! Please be the instrument of God you volunteered to be prior to this embodiment.

©2012 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Matthew Ward – December 10, 2012

Seasonal emotions; benevolent resolutions to current unrest; Dec 12 and 21 effects; Earth’s ascension process; souls “partnering” with descendents; accomplishments toward Golden Age

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Always this season of various religious observances and celebrations in your world comes with intensified and mixed emotions. Those who are thriving feel grateful for the blessings in their lives and they enjoy merriment with family and friends; those who are alone or grieving or are hungry and penniless more keenly feel their lot in life.  It is joyous for us to see that in this season of “good tidings to all,” so many caring, warmhearted souls reach out to help those who are needful.   

This year is no different in that uplifting respect; however, the energies are stunningly different from this season in prior years. The highest vibrations your world has known for eons are affecting everyone, and while many are benefitting, masses are not in favorable positions.  As the days of 2012 are winding down, the negative extreme of duality is making a strong last gasp before meeting its imminent end.    

Of chief concern is unrest in the Middle East with the threat of chemical warfare in Syria, plutonium development in Iran, rebelliousness in Egypt, continuing Israeli-Palestinian enmity.  There’s action toward a missile launch in North Korea, dire state of several national economies, mounting numbers of refugees and their plight, warring and oppression in some African nations, random acts of violence around the world, corruption in governments and multinational corporations. 

Certainly it is not to dampen your holiday spirits that we mention those situations of world interest, but to assure you that in ALL cases, benevolent resolutions are coming!  In the area of greatest concern, ifchemical-laden weaponry were put into play, our universal family’s technology would prevent its functioning.

December 12th and 21st have long been considered as pivotal dates for the planet.  To be sure, major energy surges due to planetary alignment are important thrusts forward, but Earth has been on an ascension course through successively higher vibratory levels and surges for over 70 years.  This will continue throughout her travels in fourth density on to her destination in fifth, where the planet and Gaia, the soul who embodied as the planet, originated. 

That is why we do not see a momentous event occurring on the 21stthat will be equally profound for all worldwide.  Each individual is a unique being and will experience a uniquely personal response to that day just as each has been doing all along Earth’s ascension progress. Some individuals may have a powerful energetic reaction while others may not sense anything at all unusual. 

Beloved souls, please do not feel discouraged if you don’t experience something dramatic!  As the light intensity has been increasing on Earth, so has your conscious and spiritual awareness been increasing, and your bodies have been adjusting to cellular changes from carbon to crystalline.  You don’t need a startling event or sensation to feel elated about approaching the doorstep of Earth Golden Age!  

Rejoice with us about a recent development in your linear time regarding the greater numbers of souls who may physically accompany Earth into that Age! God is granting the soul level petitions of ancestor souls to “partner” with their descendents who are struggling valiantly to divest themselves of emotions that are curtailing the amount of light they are absorbing. 

Their emotions, which are not rooted in darkness and hurt no one except the souls themselves, are intense or prolonged grieving, remorse, guilt, judgment, hopelessness and difficulty shedding belief in falsehoods they have been taught.  All of those can be transmuted into light with the focused energy of the more spiritually evolved partnering souls.  Some are living among you and others are inspiring their descendents who are there to direct love-light to those who simply need that extra boost to surmount their hurtful feelings. 

As wondrous as this effect of unconditional love is, we know that you are eager to see long-promised changes come to fruition.  At soul level you know that the transformation of your world is happening with astounding scope and speed, but consciously you are impatient, even at times doubtful.  Please understand that while the low vibrations emitted by darkness cannot enter the Golden Age, the results of millennia of dark ones’ activities cannot be healed until Earth is journeying within fourth density’s light-filled vibrations. 

Much ground work toward restoration and reformation has been accomplished.  Mainstream media have exposed corruption in many quarters and efforts undertaken behind the scenes soon will become public knowledge.  Situations vital to peace are being negotiated between some of your leaders and representatives of our extraterrestrial family.  Environmental projects will be initiated as soon as the priority measures that we enumerated in a recent message have been managed [September 24, 2012].  And yes, the highest universal council still is awaiting God’s “GO!” for our family members’ official introduction.

Dear ones, we know that you would like linear timeframes and if we could give those to you, with gladdened hearts we would do so, but we don’t know. All we can do is repeat our oft-given assurance that in the continuum, your co-creation of a loving, peaceful, pristine Eden world where everyone lives in harmony with Nature and knows the Oneness of All is a “done deal.” 

Beloved family, you are SO close to third density’s finish line—a triumph unprecedented in this universe!  You are loved and held in highest honor by all light beings everywhere.  



 Suzanne Ward


 [Note from Suzy:  Loving wishes for happy holidays and health, joy and prosperity in our new year.

 If you received this message as a forward and would like to receive future messages directly, the link to join the Yahoo group is at the top of Matthew’s Messages page on www.matthewbooks.com.]

December 3rd, 2012 – Planets Align With Giza Pyramids For The 1st Time in 2,737 Years

This video explains the importance of the alignment of three planets with the pyramids at Giza on December 3rd, 2012. It plays a key role in the unfolding of the preparation for the December 2012 solstice, followed by Ascension at the March 2013 equinox.

My Twin on Asension and New Earth Transitions by Laura/Multidimensional Ocean

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Posted on September 2, 2012 by 

Laura: Hi Guys! I have had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine. I have asked my twin flame’s Higher Self a few question on Ascension.. and I think it is worth publishing it, as I have never had so clear answers on this before. Please note that my twin is incarnated on Earth at this time.

QUESTION #1:  Will there be an Earth Split ?

ANSWER 1:  Everybody on Mother Earth will ascend provided critical mass is made. This is the delay we know now.. waiting for critical mass to be achieved. No split as such, or rather not a permanent one. It is possible that what you and others are seeing are temporary Earth frequency variations. By this I mean that the Earth will not make it in one go, and same is true for her inhabiting species. There will be a temporary period of flux, of in between states, as a matter of fact we are in this period right now.

This period is a temporary transition when EARTH and indigenous life switch from 3d to 5d and back again a few times until 5d can be retained permanently.   Once all are in 5d, there will be no sheeple.  A certain level of candor and innocence is welcome in 5d also.  Once the souls have purified themselves from past karma, and stains, they are allowed rejoining their mother ship of origine.  They can chose whether it is best for them to prolong the 3d experience in order to facilitate loved ones transitions or wheter they wish to regain their original 5d bodies permanently and return homeon the ships, access to all possible futures, and parallel lives realities are shown, considered all options are carefully analysed nothing is left to chance.  So there will be a temporary split but it is only in order to facilitate final permanent transition in 5d.  The New Earth is currently already born.  However, as a new born, it will take her time to adapt, grow and funtion on her own in 5d.  Some of you visit the new earth while in your dreams, on Aurora and Inner Earth is already all 5d ascended environment but both dimensions can coexist under certain conditions and circumstances.  I hope it is clear now ?

QUESTION #2   Is 12/21 going to be just another day. Same old stuff? Or will we have a big burst of light and ascend fast. Total change?

ANSWER 2  Is already answered in 1 more or less.  No real sudden change, the energies are permanently recveived and increasing in magnitude, however when the tiping point or critical mass have been achieved, all will be sudden from then on.  We are in the slow build up to critical mass now, but once this is achieved, all will transform suddenly.  There is no precise date as such … it is all in your own making as creators and how far you can envisage and create the changes needed.  21 12 12 is yet another portal, and one can chose to ascend on that day indeed however, there will be no forcing anybody towards ascension.  People will have to decide for themselves ultimately.  Many of you can ascend when ever they decide if ready after 21 12 12..it is just another gate opening.  Whether you chose to walk through it is an individual decision.Once enough have gone through the gate/portal critical mass can be achieved and the entire Earth can go through the portal.  Those who wish to remain in 3d will be redirected on to other 3d planets once they have ascended temporarly, they will have some “time” (although no such thing as time exists in 5d) to decide for good whether 5d is right for them or not.  If they prefer not to ascend, they will be relocated and all their 5d memories will be naturally erased through the birthing process usually taking place on all planets when one incarnates.

QUESTION#3:  Are the airlifts true, or is my team directing me to this info just to keep my mind occupied?

ANSWER 3: Not really such thing I am afraid, perhaps for Ashtar’s crew only.  Lightworkers are needed on Earth to bring about the much need critical mass.  Just think of it rationally.. if lightworkers are removed, who will help Mother Earth ascend??  We can all visit New Earth, that is 5D Earth when in sleep or deep meditation, or even better when we are in touch with our light within.  New Earth already exists inside of us all.  Here and Now, it exists. look for it within your heart and you will see it.  Don’t forget that we are all multidimensional beings, just by our birth right as human.  Once Mother Earth Ascends, of course, there will be many who will be indeed picked up by their original star families and starships.  3 waves of lifting up? perhaps a lot more, but only once critical mass is achieved and ascension has taken place. Once again, I do hope it helps.

A Third QHHT Session With Susan; Taking Her To The Year 2112 For A History Lesson On 2012 September 16, 2012

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Thanks to Suzanne for sharing.  As a QHHT practitioner myself, I know the QHHT sessions are always amazing and helpful to the person in trance as well as others as you can see from this particular session.  Insights into the future are always interesting.  — Ann

Susan Thomas and I wanted to try taking her ahead in time with QHHT. We decided to go 100 years ahead so that she would be past this life. In the year 2112 she was a woman named Mai who was an architect, designing buildings based on sacred geometry and how peoples bodies moved. I haven’t  included the entire transcript but what I think you will find very interesting on life in 2112. It struck me to ask her for a ‘history lesson’ on the time period of 2012 and THAT is where it got extra interesting! I hope you enjoy this glimpse into Susan’s future! 

Going forward in time to 2112.  Susan is a woman named Mai .

(S) Can you see your feet? (M) Yes, I have on looks like some metal shoes on, brushed metal. And I think I am pidgin toed! I wonder how that will work? I’ll clank everywhere I go! (Giggles) (S) What are you wearing? (M) The metal boots go up to my knees. I have shorts on but they are a material we don’t have now. The material of my shorts is very durable and strong. I’ve never seen that before. (S) Are you female or male? (M) I am female, my name is Mai. (S) Do you live in a community? (M) I am living in a town, we have odd shaped streets. We mostly walk or run but this is done really easy. They move so easy! There are also lots of steps here. They are very long steps, even the steps are like functional but yet they are very beautiful. It’s like it makes a monument. They are very functional, the steps get us places. You just glide down the steps, you move very fast and with great ease, not like walking. (S)So are you moving differently that you would have a hundred years ago? (M) I must be because I am thinking about walking, but you just put your feet out and you’re just gliding. (S) Do you do this with thought? (M) Yes, like an easy transportation center. (S) And you are on the Earth? (M) Yes.

(S) So, if you could give me a history lesson, what has happened to the Earth in the past one hundred years? (M) It’s gone through lots of changes. It’s so magnificent, everybody loves everything. Everybody takes care of everything. I f someone sees something isn’t working right, they stop to fix it. Total cooperation. If someone sees something that needs care or could look more beautiful, they take care of it right now. Before, they let bad things happen to the Earth, to the trees and the water. Now, everybody no longer does this. Everyone and every thing is so well taken care of and so loved. You can just go out and touch everything, like touch a leaf on a tree and you will feel the love coming from it and it feels your love. That was not how it was before. Everything was so sick and nobody knew how to fix it all. The Earth went into this emerging, this wonderful world that we have now. And it took so much work. So much happened, so many people raised the energy and raised the vibration to be where we are at right now in 2112. That took a lot of concentration and a lot of focus of people, they worked really hard.

(S) Back then is this what we called ‘The Shift’? Was there a name that you call it? (M) We call it ‘The New Emerging’ from the old Earth to this one. And it did go through a shift that we call The New Emerging. It came through, just like a birthing. So many people focused their energy for this to happen. (S)Where the Earth is now in 2112, what dimension would you say the Earth currently resides in? (M) We are known as the fifth dimension now.

(S) So did that shift from the 3rd to the 5th dimension happen suddenly, in a day, a few days or longer to occur? (M) Well, from what I understand, it went from the 3rd to the 4th dimension where it shook loose any thing that was not needed for the 5th. It shook loose a lot of things that were not ready to come into the 5th, even the people that were not ready to come, that needed to stay. All of the sickness, it left all of that behind. It all shook loose and then it emerged into the 4th where we had a new platform to work from. And everyone knew what we wanted. The water came through, the water came through a filter as it went from the 3rd to the 5th. It went through the vibrational change. So did the trees, the trees came through and the flowers and the seeds. So we had this wonderful platform to work with. Then everyone started to come through. Some still needed to some assistance to help raise their vibrations up into the 5th, so we needed to still work with them. Everyone was so excited! We needed to work on our vibrations to bring us up to the 5th but it  was much easier from the 4th to the 5th than it was from the 3rd to the 4th.

(S) What were the changes like from the 3rd to the 4th? (M) There were the people that didn’t want to come so they stayed. The people who wanted to come through had been preparing themselves steadily. They were aware that they were coming through & they were making the changes with their body, different things that they were eating, different things that they were exposing themselves to to get ready to come into the 4th. They ate better, lighter, more pure food. Well, it wasn’t very pure food in the 3rd dimension (giggles) but the best that they could find! This started the cleansing process and it helped when they wore natural fabrics that they would wear, cotton, silk.

(S) In 2112 what can you tell us about the experience of ascension? Tell us when it began, what it felt like, who went and who didn’t.(M)Are you talking form the 3rd to the 4th? (S) Yes. (M) That went very quickly. It was kind of drawn out before that because everybody was cleansing. That had to take some time. The bodies couldn’t have handled that all at once, into the 4th. There was the preparation period before that. (S) How was that preparation done? (M) By eating good fruits and vegetables, by drinking the most pure water they could find, by meditation, being surrounded with that thought in meditation that you wanted to be in a loving place, with an open heart. Always in that thought, that was the progression towards that shift. Preparing your body, spirit and mind. Helping those that were going through it also, reminding them what were they doing to prepare? Meditating on the colors that would get you into a higher vibration; the purples and the golds.

(Steve Beckow’s question) (S) Coming from the perspective of 2012, there seems to be two schools of thought on ascension. One is a sudden school that says we will ascend on the date of December 21st, 2012 straight to the 5th dimension. And then there is a gradual ascension school that says there will be no change on December 21st or 22nd, 2012 and that all would progress gradually for some weeks, months or years as we pass from 3D to 5D. From your perspective  in 2112, how did that all play out? (M) I am just observing a big stage and the curtain was slowly drawn up and up. And the date 12/21/2012 went through this curtain. It was like they had to get the date to separate from the people, that the curtain went up and it had to happen and they had a hard time shaking loose the dates from the people.

(S) what do you mean ‘shaking loose the dates from the people’? (M) They had them stuck in their minds. Instead of looking at what are we doing today to get us ready, they were focused on the dates. We had to really shake them loose from the dates, not to look at the dates but just to prepare themselves and just let it unfold. They tell me to pretend you were to write a date on the stage curtain and roll it up. Then look past that rolled up curtain to the stage where you can see the New Earth. That is what the focus will be. The date will be rolled up but you will look beyond a ‘date’, look through the date and focus on the ascension. (S) So the ‘date’ is more like a time thing anyways? (M) Yes. It will be a ‘time’ but you are so attached to your times. Make the date no longer the focus, you are looking through the stage into another dimension and that is how you are to treat the dates. It is still there but it does not become your focus.

(S) So the question of if the shift is going to be sudden or if it’s going to take years? (M) We are going through the slow process now of getting the body ready and aways keep in mind what else can I do to get ready. With the focus on the next dimension, am I helping those around me? Am I helping the Earth? Am I doing all that I can? When we go to that next level, because it will be sudden.

(S) Sudden, meaning how sudden? (M) It will be fast, just like walking through that curtain, it will be that fast. The slow process, now, of getting the body ready is necessary otherwise the body couldn’t handle it. When you get a wave of energy that comes through the body, and it makes some bodies ill? That is what we are getting ready for to make that transition easier.  (S) Will everybody pass through that curtain? (M) Everyone that has chosen to will but some will chose not to come through it. On a conscious level they are oblivious to it. But on a subconscious level they know.

(S) So why are there two schools of thought then? (M) There is a lot of free will right now. Those are some of the dates that collectively a lot of groups were putting a lot of emphases on, a lot of thought was going into those  dates and a lot of thought that was going with free will. The first one has become like a bubble, like a purple bubble. A lot of thought is going into it and being held out there. It is still floating, not a concrete thought, still floating. (S) The sudden ascension? (M) No, the gradual one. According to what they are telling me, we are doing the gradual one now. It is the sudden one that will happen when we go into the 4th dimension. There is a lot of free will.

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Blue Moon on August 31, 2012

A Blue moon simply means that this is the 2nd Full Moon in one month.  Take time to go outside and enjoy nature — Ann.



Blue Moon coming! If you see the moon in tonight’s sky, you’ll see it’s nearly full. In fact, it’ll likely look like a full moon to you. Look at the calendar, and it’ll probably tell you (unless you’re in New Zealand, eastern Russia or a similar longitude) that this month’s full moon will fall tomorrow – on August 31, 2012. Thus many will call tomorrow’s full moon – and probably tonight’s nearly full moon as well – a Blue Moon. In this case, it has nothing to do with the color blue. It’s just a name for the second full moon in a month.

Read about the origin of the name Blue moon here

If the moon won’t be blue in color tonight or tomorrow night, what will it look like? It’ll look like any ordinary full moon, like the one depicted at the top of this post.

The moon will turn precisely full on August 31 at 13:58 Universal Time – the standard clock time at the prime meridian of 0o longitude. Translating Universal Time to the time zones in the mainland U.S., we see that the moon will reach the crest of its full phase at 9:58 a.m. EDT, 8:58 a.m. CDT, 7:58 a.m. MDT or 6:58 a.m. PDT tomorrow morning. Does that mean you should look for the moon at those exact times? No. Those times just indicate when the moon is precisely full. As always, you should look for the full moon to be pretty much opposite the sun all night long – rising around sunset, overhead around midnight, setting around sunrise.

Day and night sides of Earth at instant of August 31 full moon

Day and night sides of Earth at the instant of 2012 August 31 full moon (13:58 Universal Time). Credit: Earth and Moon Viewer

So even though tonight’s moon will look plenty full as it lights up the nighttime from dusk until dawn, the full moon – astronomically speaking – only represents a fleeting instant of time. It’s when the moon stands 180o opposite the sun.

How often do two full moons happen in the same month?

This August 31 full moon counts as extra special because it’s a Blue Moon – the second of two full moons to occur in a single calendar month.

Full moon image credit: Chris Ptacek

SaLuSa Message for 8/27/2012

Reposted from Oracles and Healers

August 27, 2012 in SaLuSa | Tags: 

Some people ask what shall they do when they have to make decisions that will take them beyond the 21st. December. The answer will always be to follow your intuition, as whatever you do it will not affect your Ascension. What is however important is to settle any differences you have with friends and relations. It can be done if you accept the need to start the New Age with a clean slate, and realize that some old relationships will end and new ones begin. There will be more partnerships rather than marriages, as you will come into groups that will work together for each others benefit. You will in fact have more freedom than previously, having reached a higher level of consciousness. You will be able to travel freely and reach out to the Galaxy to go wherever your desires take you.

Part of your immediate growth is from lifting your thoughts up so that you can focus on the future. Your present cycle is ending and with it should go any attachments that could hold you back. Have no regrets as you have had hundreds of lives that have speeded up your evolution. You are in line for a much better life without the drawbacks that duality has confronted you with. Yet all of your experiences have been part of your upliftment, and you will always benefit from them. Duality has been a time of fully experiencing the senses and emotions and learning to control them. You have the ability to keep negative emotions in check, and you cannot excuse yourselves if you fail by claiming that is how you are. You must make the effort to change, and this will benefit you in many ways, as you will feel much better within yourselves. Anger in particular has a debilitating affect on you, and when it repeatedly occurs it is damaging your body and can bring the onset of illness.

Dear Ones the point is that as you become more of the Light your attention is drawn to the harmonious things in life, and as you progress it does become easier to maintain your peace and calmness. That is your becoming more in alignment with your Higher Self, which is your ultimate objective. What you were is not the real you, and duality is not your true reality. It is all an illusion that has been created by you all since you dropped down into the lower vibrations. Since then you have had your highs and lows, but as the Human Race you have never reached such a point as now, where every soul has the opportunity to ascend.

Before you reach the 21st of December many opportunities will be given to those who are unaware of what is coming. Also to those who have decided that they have no interest in leaving your present Earth, so that they have no regrets afterwards. As we have told you previously whatever decision you make is upheld, and what is most important is that you proceed with your evolution at a level that is exactly right for you. So when you reach that stage after Ascension and realize that some people known to you have not ascended, it should not be a time of sadness. In some cases you may later choose to work with them by acting as a Guide, so your link with them will still be quite strong.

With relatively little time left before the closure of this cycle, there is much taking place and all will be prepared in time for it. As you now understand, most of it relates to various forms of cleansing, and the removal of those dark Ones and their power and influence, that is now breaking up. There is no way back for them and much about their operations is coming into the public knowledge. It is necessary that you know how you have been duped, and you have no reason to feel guilty about it as the dark Ones have wielded great power in the past. It goes back a very long time from when the negative energies were first attracted to Earth. You have in fact carried out a great service for the Universe by helping transmute them, often at great cost to yourselves.

Set yourselves free from the lower influences and stand up for you beliefs, because as the truth comes out you may have to explain your position. It is not however necessary to convince others that you carry the truth, or convert them to your ideas. When people are ready for it, it will be recognized for what it is, and much of what has stood for the truth is now being revealed, and it will make people re-access their beliefs. Before very long the Masters will return to Earth, and with those already here will ensure that the false teachings and historical records are either corrected or removed. The truth is not just something written into your records, but an energy that lifts other people up and brings them to a true understanding.

Just think for a moment how as visitors to your Earth we are maligned and deliberately shown as monsters bent on enslaving you, and stealing your lands. We are described as aliens when in fact we are your true family, and have never lifted as much as a finger against you in anger. Any such activities against you are not by members of the Galactic Federation of Light, but by other Extraterrestrials or by your own forces. It is of course all done to make you fearful of us, and is not helped by some religious groups who claim we are devils. We would ask that you wait until we can walk amongst you and then you will feel our auric emanations, and know that we come in Love and Light.

We know that many of you who read our comments already understand our position. You are our vanguard and there will come a time when your knowledge will be invaluable to us. We cannot be everywhere at once, and you will be on hand to answer the questions from those who are new to the whole idea of Ascension. It is quite something to grasp and accept, particularly as the idea of the end of time has a connotation of losing everything you own and are familiar with. It can be a frightening thought, but is acceptable once it is understood that it is but a new beginning. One that propels you into a wonderful realm of peace and harmony, where you can forget all of your worries. In truth you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and leave you with my love for you all.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey

The Oracle Report Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment

Saturday, August 18 – Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Moon Phase – Moon in Virgo

This weekend, after a very long wait, the time has finally come for new beginnings.  This is especially true if something has been sacrificed or removed from your life over the last month.  Light is returning and the movement is forward, but some may have a hard time letting go.  This is ok because some people have been so deeply in the dark that more time for transition is needed.  It may be more gradual for some than others, but regardless it is forward movement.  New ideas, new perspectives, and new realizations are emerging.  There is a strong element of self-care that goes along with all of this.  Sunday’s energy is much faster and mental that it may make your head spin or give you a headache.  It may generate some degree of confusion.  We need to relax and gain a little more perspective until things settle out.  Our energy can easily become scattered and we can become overwhelmed or immobilzed.  Sunday is not a good day to make big decisions because truth is hard to make out amongst all of the information.  We need to find simplicity within Sunday’s energy.  But in the midst of Sunday’s energy, remember that this month is like the rainbow after a strong storm and the colors are developing.

The DailyOM – The Secret Of Surrender, August 13, 2012

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Seeing The Illusion

by Madisyn Taylor

Surrender should be seen as a great strength and comes when we let go of trying to attain the impossible.

Most of us were raised and live in a culture that emphasizes the ideals of independence and control. The general idea is that we are on our own and we don’t need any help from anyone else, and if we are really successful it’s because we are in complete control. However, true lasting success comes only with surrender, which is the opposite of control. We cannot accomplish anything truly great on our own, without any help, and the idea that we can is an illusion that causes most of us a great deal of suffering. Surrender comes when we see that illusion and let go of trying to attain the impossible. Surrender can then be seen as a great strength rather than a weakness.

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The Oracle Report Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Balsamic Moon Phase – Moon in Cancer

Today’s energy brings in 1) the dynamics of control in all its forms, and 2) the tendency toward obsession.  Some people will demonstrate their perceived personal mastery in an attempt to control situations.  People who try to show off, impress, or dominate are going to fall head first (but not necessarily today).  Wise owls that follow these reports have no interest in the need to control.  The only thing we want to master is our alignment with the Divine Will of the goddess Sophia.  In this way, our lives are no longer our own.  We surrender to the magic of the goddess’ dreaming.  The power and control plays that are enacted today will only drive us off our mission this Balsamic Moon phase if we become mired in them.  Right now we are supposed to be releasing the past and what has changed for us.  It is a time of quiet acceptance.  It is a time to communicate with the planet herself.  Remember that the planet is “correcting” not only us but also herself.  This may help as we strive toward acceptance today.  Walk with humility, keep your intentions pure, and be aware that new structures are forming around you.  This is needed to counter the predominant negative effects that are present today.  It is our job to maintain the integrity, beauty, and spiritual softness of this most blessed Balsamic Moon phase.  We are seven thousand strong and our efforts are meaningful.


The Oracle Report Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment

Monday, August 13, 2012

Balsamic Moon Phase – Moon in Cancer

Today begins the Balsamic Moon phase that will be like none before it.  As I discussed over the weekend, Balsamic Moon phase is the time when the physical world and the world of Spirit (the Divine Mind) are closest in communication.  It is time to be quiet and go within to seek what you need, especially if you need guidance or direction because guidance and direction are the theme for the day.  We are working on strengthening the lines of communication between us and the divine being embodied as the planet.  There aren’t a whole lot of people who understand who she is and what she is doing (fulfilling her vision for humanity) so when someone who “gets it” engages in dialog with her, she takes notice.  Again, it is a resonance thing.  When you are resonating with her and her purpose, communication is easier.  As the communication becomes stronger and clearer, you’ll notice that she responds via signs of nature, particularly white animals and various animals with wings (birds, etc.).

The Moon has moved into Cancer for the second time this month.  This makes for an emotional day, with fears about how well we are supported (physically, financially, emotionally, and all other types of support).  There is a tendency to feel expendable.  If you feel this way it is important to devote some energy toward feeling more secure.  It usually just means putting in a little effort.  Also, masks will be taken off today and we will need to handle what we see.  Keep in mind that the resonance factor (drawing things that are alike and separating from things that are unalike) is still very strongly at play.


The Oracle Report Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment

Saturday, August 4 – Sunday, August 5, 2012

Saturday: Full Moon Phase – Moon in Pisces

Sunday: Disseminating Moon Phase – Moon In Pisces/Aries

There isn’t anything more I can write about this weekend’s post that I didn’t write about on Friday; however, you may find that your ideas about yesterday’s post evolve.  In other words, what you read yesterday may “read” differently to you on Saturday and Sunday.  The lucky thing is the energy is still in effect and will be throughout the weekend. This is pure energy to create.  This doesn’t just mean artistic things, it means manifesting things in life.   Who wouldn’t want more time tto do that?  Post from Friday, August 3, 2012:

Venus moves into opposition with the Galactic Center, the hub of creativity, today.  Anytime a planet moves into this position it is amplified to maximum effect.  This means that issues around the  themes of Venus will dominate today: love, beauty, security, sexuality, needs, femininity, etc.  But there are other things at play also, including gossip, selfishness, superficiality and sabotage of relationships.  There is no need to pretend today; things just need to be what they are.  The appearanceof people, places, and things is not what is important.  Today there is no guarantee of success with anything, but it is important to make an effort if we have any chance at success at getting what we want.  Venus always brings up what we want, so don’t disregard what you are drawn toward.  We remain in the energy of the Full phase of the Sun, Moon, and Earth, and are continuing to deeply reflecting on things.  If you want something badly enough, you will do something, however small, to get it.  In addition to the Venus-Galactic Center aspect, the Moon will conjunct Neptune (both in Pisces), making this not only a highly spiritual day, but a highly creative one as well. Come from your heart in whatever you do – don’t be lead astray.

Flight of the Fairies by Butterfly Moon

I have always had a fancy for Fairies and would be thrilled to see one or some.  The closest I got to one was in our Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy class with Dolores Cannon in April 2012.  One of the students was regressed and had a past life experience where she was a Fairy.  It was totally exciting!!  They are so mysterious, small but mighty as the following message from a Channeler describes.


Channeled through Natalie Glasson on 03/05/12

The Fairies and souls in human bodies have always worked closely with each other; fairies have been a part of the Earth’s evolution and ascension since its beginning. The fairies are akin to angelic beings, they are messengers of the Creator’s light. The fairies are also care takers of the nature kingdom and animal kingdom as well as acting as spiritual guides to some in human bodies. It is important not to underestimate the key role that the fairies have in the Ascension process not only do they maintain the vibrations of nature as well as energizing nature’s manifestations but they also safeguard the codes of nature to maintain its energy, to activate nature’s energy as well as allowing nature to ascended. The fairies act as bridges of light between nature and humanity, one of their missions is to bring unity between nature and humanity.

A fairy can see beyond the veils of illusion and so see the miraculous energy levels of the Earth and how it is at one with the spiritual planes. They have a wonderful ability of spotting blockages whether it is in a plant, animal or human offering healing and alignment to dissolve all traces of the blockage. It is true that a single fairy holds enough light to vibrate through an entire mountain and allow the mountain to radiate light as a growing beacon, their light blazes brightly and expansively. It is important not to have any expectations of fairies as they have often been dis-empowered in the past, a fairy isn’t necessarily small or large but hold a tremendous power. As I said, do not underestimate the presence, power, light and role of a fairy as their power has yet to be truly understood or discovered by humanity.

A fairy is a messenger of the Creator working closely with nature.  As we have entered into the year of 2012 we will see that nature becomes and will become more important to humanity, as you realise with great awe the magnificent energy of the Creator that has been at your fingertips for so long within nature. As was once experience in your past there will be a great honouring by some of the nature kingdom and how it can physically, through treatments and balms, and energetically, through spiritual connection, aid ascension. We do not wish for humanity to worship the Earth as if it is God but we feel that many will notice more than ever the sacred vibration of the Earth and nature kingdom.

This is the divine plan that has been shared with us, the fairy kingdom. Once more people honor the sacred vibration and presence of nature then through the process of trust the elemental kingdom will begin to resurface in greater abundance contacting those who have created a stronger connection with nature. There was once a time when to have a conversation with a fairy was extremely common, this will manifest once more. Fairies will begin to connect with certain people who hold a desire to remember the magic of nature, working respectfully with nature and with the codes of the Creator held within nature. The fairies will guide many to achieve small energetic activations upon the Earth that empower the Earth but also allow for greater life force energy to flow through the core of Mother Earth, creating a powerful natural network of light. The fairies and the elementals beings have the greatest knowledge of how to support and assist the ascension of the Earth and can guide many in ascending and mastering their beings through the process of being of service to the Earth.

It is now time for a greater connection for humanity with the fairy kingdom, trust needs to be built once more and belief in each other in order for a true connection to form. The fairies trust humanity because they are able to access the divine plan of the Earth, they can see that the way some humans mistreat the Earth is a natural process of learning which is short lived in terms of Earth’s ascension but of course they can still feel the pain of the Earth and the nature kingdom as it is often their energies that encourages a healing of the pain. Humanity has been somewhat moulded to disregard the power and purpose of the fairies because if everyone was to realise the purpose of the fairies, ascension would be achieved with greater ease. There is now a need to rebuild the trust, faith and belief in fairies as messengers of the Creator and caretakers of the codes of nature that aid the ascension of the Earth. The process of respecting and working as one with nature, the fairies and elemental beings is an important and essential step to the ascension of all and the realisation of a united consciousness of the Creator on and as the Earth. Through these steps so much healing will occur that the Earth may become unrecognisable due to the manifestation of its high vibrations and luminous light.  Please do not be fearful of change, the fairies wish to come forward to you to assist the evolution and ascension of the Earth, creating a space of existence that reflects your  spiritual and loving nature.

I am Butterfly Moon, a communicator on behalf of the fairy kingdom while also holding the fairy energy and consciousness; I bring this message on behalf of the fairies with tremendous love and respect. The fairies simply wish to open their heart chakras and connect with your energies, bathing you in their love. They wish for you to be aware of signs in your reality or when you are in nature, they will be calling you to merge your energy or give energy to the plants while also asking you to sit in a pose of acceptance of the wisdom and consciousness that nature and the fairies wish to share with you. The fairies wish you to know that their energy will be more present in your reality so allow yourself to be observant of the signs and hints that they offer you in the spirit of awakening and unity. The fairies are waiting to guide you.

The fairy kingdom has been asked to distribute new vibrational patterns of both creation and peace to the nature kingdom all over the world at this time to act as an amplifying boost to the ascension process and increase in Earth’s vibration. The fairies would like to take this opportunity to work as one with your energies allowing you to be of service to the Earth  while also gaining a deeper connection with the fairy kingdom. If you feel inspired to, the fairies wish for you to anchor the new energy vibrations of creation and peace into your being and then to give these codes from your heart chakra to the fairy kingdom so that they may take flight and share the energy you expressed at the most appropriate points and places of nature upon the Earth. Not only will it be of assistance in building the bond between fairies and humans but will mean that the united energy of the fairies and your soul are anchored into the Earth’s vibration, you are able to give your love, support and thanks for your reality and spiritual path on the Earth. The integration of united love into the Earth is so vital to support the Earth and allow for the true manifestation of the Era of Love.

It is my wish to offer you guidance in how you may be of service with the fairies by sharing an invocation with you.

First there is a need to create a sacred space whether outside or inside, create this space with your expansive breathing.

‘Butterfly Moon, I call upon your love and support, I ask that you oversee my energies
and meditation, ensuring my protection at all times. Please embrace my energies in
your loving light, as you do so assist me in breathing any blockages from the past
associated with my connection with the fairies. Help me to wash away all fears or pain
that I may hold within me associated with the fairy kingdom.’
(Allow time for this to occur.)

‘Butterfly Moon, I ask you to anchor into my entire being, soul, mind and heart the
energy vibrations of the Creator that the fairies need to distribute across the Earth. As
I imagine a multi-coloured beam of light flowing from the Creator into my crown chakra,
radiating into my entire being please assist me in sharing this energy directly with
Mother Earth as the multi-coloured light continues to flow down my chakra column and
into the Earth.’
(Allow time and focus to allow this to occur.)

‘I am aware that the multi-coloured light holds important vibrations of peace and
creation to support the ascension of the nature kingdom and therefore the ascension
of humanity. I acknowledge the multi-coloured energy as sacred and allow it to gather
with abundance into my heart chakra where my soul will energize the energy vibrations
of peace and creation further.’
(Imagine the multi-coloured light building in your heart chakra and your soul adding its own sacred energy.)

‘Butterfly Moon, I ask you to call upon the fairy beings who wish to work with me and
wish for me to share my collected light with them. Let them gently gather around me
and send their energy into my being so that I may be aware of their presence.’
(Allow time and breathe deeply enhancing your sensitivity as the fairies who wish to work with you gather around you.)

‘Butterfly Moon, please assist me as I focus on radiating and giving the energy
vibrations of peace and creation held within the multi coloured light to the fairy beings.
Let my heart expand and develop as I express these sacred energies, as I do so I am
aware that I am connecting my heart with the heart chakras and souls of the fairies
present creating a divine link and bond.’
(Allow time and breathe deeply through your heart chakra focusing on exhaling the multi-coloured light)

‘I am aware of the fairies accepting the energy that I share and know that when they
are ready they will take flight to distribute the energy where it is needed. For this I am
truly grateful as I know that my energy will be carried in their heart chakras and given
to the Earth and nature kingdoms.’
(You may feel the fairies disconnect slightly as they leave to distribute the energy, wait until this time and then become aware of your surrounding once more, you may offer up prayers of thanks.)

‘Thank you, Butterfly Moon for your guidance and assistance.’

I hope that you truly enjoy this process of connection and expression, Butterfly Moon.

The Oracle Report Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment

August 2, 2012

Full Moon Phase – Moon in Aquarius

Mercury retrograde is wreaking havoc on telecommunications and my ability to post this report!  This is my second attempt.  Nevertheless, we persevere.  In all my years of monitoring the Sun, I’ve never seen it do what it did on the last hit of the Turning Point (July 30/31): it released 15 minor solar flares within 18 hours.  As I discussed then, the energy pounded us in long-standing, sustained waves (the imprinting).  I am  only mentioning this as corroboration that the Sun is engaged in what is happening.  But the Turning Point has passed and today we continue to feel the relief.

I am painting a mental picture of today’s energy because I could not find a photograph to capture it fully.  Today’s picture should be a swing suspended from an ancient oak tree.  Most of the day, the swing is still.  The energy is internal, not external, and indicative of the deep process of reflection that is underway.  We are still and sturdy along with the oak tree.  But sometime today it is important to swing with the joyous abandon that we experienced as children on a summer day – carefree, at One with the Sun, stabilized by the sturdy oak, and immersed in the feeling of the endless summer vacation.  Remember that?  We had a unique reliance on the stability of the ground beneath us.  We felt rooted.  This is what we re-engage today as we undertake reflection (alongside the Full Phase of the Sun, Moon, and Earth) of where we are now and what has changed for us.  Don’t worry today.  Just reflect.

Laura Eisenhower on 2012 – Great Grandaughter of US President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, great-grandaughter of US President Dwight D. Eisenhower, returns to share her experiences and insight.

  • How she was recruited by the secret space program to join the Mars colony
  • Pres. Eisenhowers meetings with multiple groups of extraterrestrials
  • What may await us over the remainder of 2012 and how we can interact creatively with the ascension process
  • The possibility of world-changing events this Friday.
  • Her reaction to recent news and events (Congress passing of the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, tons of bad news for the global financial system)

The Oracle Report Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Libra/Scorpio

For emphasis, I am going to keep today’s report short and to the point.  Think carefully about the effects before you take action today.  Be careful of your choices because each has a price.  A “tubular bridge of magnetism” has formed between two sunspots (pictured above from the Solar Dynamics Observatory and posted on spaceweather.com – the picture is better there).  The bridge is vast.  Today, wise old owls are going to fly along and not stop.  Do not react, just keep moving.  We are going to mentally traverse this day’s energy and come out on the other side.

Choice by VERONICA – An entity channeled through April Crawford

A New Message From VERONICA april_in_maine_sized_for_web.jpg
Choice – July 24, 2012
     “Often in the linear some may find their paths dominated by opinions and actions of others.  Making your choices are an important part of reality creation.  If others are allowed to participate with such force, there may be disruptions in the growth of your life.
     We are not speaking of relationships where  the energy ebbs and flows smoothly.  These collaborations and partnerships are valuable.  We are speaking of those who would rob you of your own free will.
     It is important to always keep the energy between yourselves and others free flowing.  If you are a parent, teaching your children to make solid choices is the best tool you can give them.
     If you are considering your self in this dialogue, it would be valuable to begin a practice of clear choice making.  This would include valuing ultimately making choices for yourself.
     Many feel they have already caused much disruption in their lives by poor choice making.  The good news is that one can always remedy any situation by getting clear and choosing wisely.
     You do not have to be victim to the past choices.  Allow yourself to acknowledge and move forward with confidence.  Your reality is always available for alteration.  Just decide to make different choices.  The results may amaze you.
     You are a soul having a physical experience.  Do not always expect perfection, but always be clear with your choices.  Make choices yourself.
     Ultimately you will prevail in a better reality.”

The Oracle Report Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment – July 23, 2012

Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Virgo/Libra

Zebras are pictured today because dualities are strong and can cause strife if we fall into the trap of seeing things only as black or white/ light or dark.  The zebra is both black and white.  We need to be realistic about whatever crops up today.  Things will have a dual nature to them – pros and cons.  Don’t venture into denial by acknowledging only the good or bad.  Look at things in their totality.  Another element to today’s energy is that moods and mindsets will spread like an epidemic.  So, since our energetic fields are newly recalibrated to a higher frequency, we have great potential to counter bad moods, fears, and overall ugliness.  You are powerful.  Keep yourself tuned positive and if you feel yourself tipping negative, the “go-to” is nature, as usual.  Step outside and take in the beauty of the planet.  Your mission today is to stay positive while at the same time recognizing both the light and dark sides of things.  In this way we are wise.  Mars is opposing the asteroid Pallas Athena (wisdom) today, so this will help.  The duality between light and dark/good and bad will intensify as the day wears on.  This is due to the fact that the Moon will hit the energy of the Turning Point tomorrow around 2:45 EDT.  It will contact this point one last time on July 30th.  More on that tomorrow.