Beautiful Fall/Autumn Outside Decorating

Just had to share this beautiful picture of such a great display for this wonderful time of year.  Credits goes to Sun Baked Treasures and others on Facebook.  Follow the link below the photo.

Autumn Sale

Autumn on a French Balcony

Wow, what a beautiful place to enjoy the crisp Autumn air with a cup of coffee, fresh croissant, your best friend, your pet, or simply by yourself. Imagine sitting here looking down on people passing by in the street – some rushing, some leisurely walking, some laughing, some smiling, some frowning, some crying. Perhaps, there are no people, perhaps it overlooks the countryside – see the beautiful land covered with grass, leaves, and a flock of sheep are out in the pasture afar.  The morning mist has rolled in and the clouds hover above. Try putting yourself in this picture and let your imagination run wild and just enjoy your time in France.  Daydreaming is so much fun! — Hugs to all, Kathyann.autumn on french balcony