Coffee Time – Intention to Transform and Create

Good morning friends!  It’s time for a great cup of coffee so take your pick and let’s sit. Today, we will discuss transforming and creating.  Is there something in your life you would rather not have?  Did you know that you can transform it and create something that you do prefer?  Transforming something is not always easy to do, but it can be done.   

coffee take your pick and let's sit

Transform – When you are experiencing something in your life you prefer not to experience, it is important not to resist it.  Accept is as a gift from yourself because even if you don’t believe it, you created it.  

It’s the resistance to the way you are experiencing it that makes that experience take longer to change.  Use if for the purpose it is there for, and it will transform into another state more quickly.  In other words, the more you don’t want it to be there, the more it will stick around until you use it for the reason you created it. When you allow it to be alright and acknowledge the reason you created it, it will go away. It will not stick around once it has been used for the reason it was created for.

Create – You must know that everything that you think of already exists and are all co-existing simultaneously.  All you have to do is the process below to bring it into your reality.

First, Imagine/visualize what you do want in your life.  You cannot create something you cannot imagine.  

Second, what you believe to be and completely trust to be so, sets the stage for your particular version of reality. This knowing and trust or believing is the mechanism by which all creation takes place.  All things were created on the basis of belief.  

Third, tune your “antenna” to match the vibration of what you desire in order for it to become reality. Using the analogy of a radio, you use a channel tuner to select & receive any one particular station – out of all the stations that are simultaneously existing all around the radio.  The radio must first vibrate at a particular frequency in order to “receive” the one particular broadcast (from all of the possible simultaneous broadcasts) that happen to be vibrating at that same frequency. Likewise… your beliefs get you vibrating at a unique set of frequencies.  These frequencies then attract, by sympathetic resonance, those holograms vibrating on the same frequencies. Then out from universal matrix of infinite possible holograms, those holograms and symbols that vibrate at the same frequencies your belief, get “pulled out” from this matrix and “received” by you as the actual external physical experiences that you then sense as real – your reality.

Therefore, you must imagine, belief, and feel the reality you prefer as existing in the NOW moment and stay in the NOW moment because the NOW moment is all that exists anyways. Then, it will become tangible in your outer reality.  You must be a responsible creator as well.  Be careful of what you ask for…. make sure it does not harm you or others.  


Have a wonderful day filled with happy creations! — Kathyann.

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