A Message From VERONICA – Getting What You Desire

    “Often we are asked in readings the likelihood of a particular linear event.  There is great attachment to these outcomes that are laced with deep desire.
     Those seeking what they desire blame outside forces for the demise of their dreams.  We counsel that everything is possible if one keeps their thoughts clear + concise without the additives of unnecessary drama and scattered focus.
     If you are wanting to manifest a scenario then be sure your focus is clear and the intent pure.
     Be truthful with yourself about the origins of your desire.  Escapes from your true lessons will not manifest something that ultimately will not serve you, i.e., you may believe in your current moment that a linear experience will fulfill your ultimate desire.  However, in the eternal moment you know that it is a distraction prepared by yourself.
     So be eternally truthful when seeking a desire.
     All of your thoughts will manifest to physical so be concise and direct especially with yourself.  In this way you will get what you desire.  The rub is that it must evolve your spirit in some way.  If it doesn’t it will not manifest.  Your higher self will see to that.”
Editor’s Note:  VERONICA often speaks of “Linear Moments” and “Eternal Moments”.  Linear Moments are those that take place within time as perceived when we are physical.  Eternal Moments are moments perceived outside of the time-line, as is done in nonphysical states of being and by all entities such as VERONICA.