What Is Most Important by VERONICA

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A New Message From VERONICA
What Is Most Important
     “Take a clear look at the life you are living.
     Determine what is most important to you in ways that are truthful to your soul:  Not often an easy task, but one that is necessary to live an evolving life.
     Remember that each moment of each life has relevance.  Dismissing experience as an error or mistake is often misleading.  Each experience, whether positive  or negative, leads you to the perspective and spot you are at right now.  Always honor the experience.  No matter what. 
     Remember that the yin/yang of positive and negative is always present.  It is your responsibility to determine the value… and apply it.”
                                            -VERONICA – Entities channeled through April Crawford

A New Message From VERONICA

Exactly What Your Soul Needs
     “As one moves through physical reality, the question of “why” presents itself often.
     As one creates their own reality with clarity, it’s important to check yourself often to confirm you are making choices that are clear.
     Yes, cloudiness can creep in, disturbing the beauty that you wish to create.  If you are asking yourself “why?”, then it is important to take a frank look at yourself with honesty to pave a better path.
     Not all experiences are easy.  The universe works in partnership with your energy to achieve expansion.
     Your input into that relationship does have impact.  What you create can alter what the universe wants to give you.
     Decide that you will put 100% positive thought into whatever you have pre-planned for this life experience.
     The universe has funny ways of showing us that we as souls are valuable.  So, after major dramas and events occur, we are shown ways to understand our true life’s purpose and lessons.
     Decide to act upon the opportunities, whether they feel pleasant or not.
     Reacting negatively to seemingly negative universal offerings can lead to feelings of being stuck or lost.
     Instead, seek out an alternative positive action to assimilate the lesson, and move forward in the timeline clearly to the purpose.
     It is important not to despair, but to use the opportunity to see and choose with clarity.
     Answer the “why?” from within.
     If you honestly look, the answer will be there.
     Learn the lesson.
     Move forward.
     Physical experiences are designed by you to help your soul find itself and understand its potential.
     Once that is achieved, the “why’s?” will turn into a knowing thought pattern.
     Thoughts that are positive and knowing will create exactly what your soul needs to feel fulfilled in all your experiences.”

A New Message From VERONICA

You can… You Will…
     “Most can reach a next level of emotional, spiritual, and psychic awareness without certain linear enactments of negativity.
     If it feels uncomfortable, push through the fear to discover the true purpose of the drama.
     Challenges are not created by you to victimize yourself.  They are created and embraced to fulfill the momentum of your evolution.  It’s not an easy path, but  when accomplished within, it can bring a sense of vitality to your consciousness. 
     You did not incarnate to simply endure.  You have come here to advance the pulse of your energy.
     Instead of retreat, consider meeting all the “why’s” head on.  Often the outer shell looks more fearsome than the real core within.
     Remember you created the blueprint of this life.  In the in-between perspective, you felt that the obstacles could be easily overcome.
     Keep focused upon the end result.  The “why’s” along the way will only deepen your resolve.  The key is to remain positive.  Look the obstacle in the eye and overcome it.
     You can.
     You will.
     Remember this is your blueprint.
     Push through the fear.
     Most importantly, know that fear will lie to defeat you.
     You can push through it.
     You truth can prevail.
     Become one with your plan.  The design is for your to evolve.
     You can.”
                           -VERONICA is a group of entities channeled through April Crawford

A New Message From VERONICA Appreciate The Freedom

     “This day is brand new.  This moment is fresh and clean.  The future is a blank canvas that is ready for you to create.
     Life is filled with twists and turns that often derail the best of souls.
     Resolve in this moment to continue your journey by honoring the gifts you have been given.
     If you have fallen off the path, decide to reestablish the connection that fills your heart with gladness.
     It is never too late to realize your soul’s intent and purpose.  Do not let “time” fool you into a state of despair.  You have the ability to reunite.
     The question is how?
     By embracing all your experiences (yes, even the bad ones), you strengthen your self for the journey.  This time with a better outcome.
     Appreciate the difficult times, for they often set you back in the correct direction with your life.
     Appreciate what you have set in motion, while taking your mind, heart, and soul to the next level of participation.
     Appreciate the day in the moment.  Dwelling in the past makes it difficult to create your future.
     If you have pushed the boulder uphill without struggle, appreciate your own tenacity.
     If you have pushed the boulder uphill and still have not succeeded, examine the worth of the bolder (not your own).
     Sometimes it’s better to let go, allowing the bolder to roll back down the hill to find a better connection.  This releases you to travel up the hill with ease.
     Fill your moments with expectations, for when you reach the top of the hill, there is unlimited opportunity.  You may find the bolder really wasn’t necessary at all, and that the important moment was your sense of freedom.
     Appreciate the freedom.”

A Message From VERONICA — The Calmness of Connection

 Stay Calm and Find Yourself!

 “It does not matter where your focus is directed, the most common concern of those in physical is spiritual connection.  ‘Is it enough?  Can I do more?  Who are my guides?  I feel them but the communication is scattered.’

     ‘At times I feel so isolated?
     “What can I do?’
     From a spiritual perspective we advise calmness.  A belief system that includes all possibilities gives a limitless advantage to those who seek to connect with their spiritual counterparts.
     In your physical environment most of you are caught in a whirlwind of activity and contrived progress.  Some of your cultures are driven by physical success while others live in a virtual void of creativity. 
     Many religions promise evolution but lead most on a circular path to nowhere.  The most intimate connection to the source of spiritual energy is within yourself.  You are the map to inner consciousness that will lead to connection and your ultimate evolution.
     Your guides whisper continuously in hopes of connection with you.  In a frantic pace in physical it can be most impossible to connect.
     The calmness of eternity where your soul originated is the best path to your desired reunion with all.
     So calm down.  Look about you.  See what you’ve created and acknowledge why you have done so.
     Breath deeply and appreciate how you have manifested in your current environment.
     Omnipotent energy in physical form.
     That’s you.
     Slow down and allow the magnificent energy of your soul to do its original intent.
     Everyone is different in their purpose but all must be still from a moment to recall what it is.
     This is the first step in answering all of your deepest questions.
     Breath.  Calm down.”

A New Message From VERONICA — See Them

     “In physical life it is very easy to become lost in one’s own thoughts and perceptions.  Most of you have an awareness of how important connection to others may be.  Some allow the distance they feel to become how the define themselves.  Your culture calls them by many names.
     Most of them ar not very flattering.  We suggest expanding your vision to include those who may be withdrawing from connection.  Often it begins in childhood by not being capable of interacting with others due to internal feelings of self deprecation.  Unfortunately, these individuals lack the tools to step forward on their own.  Given the isolation long enough, they create a universe in their psyche that is outside the cultural consciousness.
     Attempt to reach out to those who would do so.  See Them!
     Realize the loneliness that feeds the uncomfortable thoughts they may be having.  It is the separation from soulful energy of themselves and others that ultimately leads them down a path of negativity.
     In the eternal, all energy flows easily.  In the linear, it can be difficult in the best of circumstances.
     Alter your own energy to truly see all those who feel invisible.
     Perhaps a path can be aligned.
     Perhaps a connection can be formed.
     Perhaps a participation can soothe their wounds.
     Perhaps they can be led to those who help them cope.
     Connection with others, even those who do not meet your external criteria, can change the world.
     It is those who are not seen that simmer in isolation, acting out internally, until it explodes upon society.
     It can be remedied.
     See Them!”

A New Message From VERONICA — Healing

  “Never underestimate the power of connection with your spiritual abilities.
     If you feel the call to heal, it is important that you allow that energy to flow.
     It is a time of change.  The laying on of hands and its ability to make a difference for others is a real ability within.
     Denying or questioning the reality of it only delays the overall alignment that is needed.
     There are many gifted healers upon the earth at this time.  Most feel the denseness of physical reality, which often makes them doubt the trueness of their abilities.  In times of struggle, these very healers incarnated to be that avenue of assistance.  It is important to push past the doubt so that others may benefit.
     Whether it’s emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual healing that is required, spirit will support the gifts within you.
     Each day breathe deeply in appreciation and go forth to others who would need you.
     Bringing balance to a distorted reality is a challenge.  However, there are many incarnate, so allow your energy to bond.  In that unison, more than just a single energy will be balanced.  Perhaps a whole segment of a linear congested world will feel the effects as well.
     Be encouraged to align with your abilities.  The reality is in great need of your energy.  Give of it freely so that your vibration can lift the linear to where it needs to be.
     Again, be who you are.
     If you are a healer…
     Be the healer without any doubt.”

A Message From VERONICA — Connection


     We suggest that a more accurate assessment is the return to the entity from which you have originated.  From this particular energy there can be alignment with guides, spiritual advisers and friends who you know well.
     When you participate in physical life the opportunity to create dramas for growth are abundant.  In a conscious aware environment these dramas are placed appropriately and are easy to disengage from so that one can connect with the originating entity.  However, in most instances the dramas become the higher source of energy and block any ability to realign with what you most desire.
     Our advice is to learn to discern the irrationally created environments whenever possible.  This can be done by understanding what you are creating & stopping the spiral of irrationality through complete honesty with the self.
     Often this is extremely difficult but attainable.  Quiet the arguments in your head, allowing the self to observe rather than experience, even for a brief moment.
     In the silence recognize your true self, which will allow the connection without too much effort.
     Once you do it, the rest will be easy, however, not comfortable.  Do not expect that.”

A New Message from VERONICA

This Internal Magic

  “In the linear there has always been a sense of comparison between incarnates that can often become distracting in the pursuit of purpose.

       Know that each of you brings forth a magical element.  To do so, it is important to focus upon what those gifts are.  Coveting another’s energy or belittling the self for lack of personal purpose is wasting valuable inner abilities.

      Instead, focus clearly upon your own energy.  Calm the chitter chatter of the day and listen to the lullaby of your soul.  This internal magic is unique within each one of you.  No one arrives in physical without their purpose tucked deep inside.

      Many chase pursuits that leave them wondering why they feel so empty.  It is important when searching for that “Magic Moment”, to seek it within yourself.

      The magic is not external.  Your talents and strengths are within the heart.  Seek them there instead of connecting with the magic in the distance.  Often that external magic is elusive, for it may be simply a reflection of yourself.  You can almost grab it, but some how it escapes.  The internal magic is ever present.  One can simply extend themselves and blend with it.

      The unique qualities of your soul are yours.  They reside within, hoping you will recognize them and release them into your life’s journey.

      Always remember that each soul is unique, so any attempt at comparison will be disappointing.

      Stop the motion of negative thoughts and become a believer in your own magic.

      You were meant to succeed in this.  Turn your thoughts around and embrace your purpose.  It is magical.”



Your Ability To Create by Veronica

  “When the sun rises as your day begins, be sure to recall your relationship, not only with your soul, but with all that is.


     Often this is lost amongst the dramas and misgivings that one anticipates in the commencement of daily life.


     Tucked beneath all the need, desire, and conflict, there is a glimmer of energy that only you possess.  It’s not there for any other reason than to embrace your energy as you proceed down the path of creation.


     Be sure to pause in appreciation of your ability to blend with your soul.  Realize its potential by bringing it forward even in the most dire of circumstances.  The lack of embracement may allow difficulty to pile up.  So be patient in the discovery of your ability to create a beautiful day.


     Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder.  One should also know that it also resides in your mind and heart.


     Allow it to blossom.


     Appreciate the beauty of the smallest detail.


     Bring it forward step by step, hand-in-hand with your soul and the universe.


     It can be done.”




Remember by Veronica

     “Each day determine your path to your own evolvement.  Walk truthfully towards it whenever possible.  Even when it appears impossible, stay the course.  Masquerading as someone you are not will only create frustration.  Decide that being who you really are, without the linear costume, is the only way to achieve serenity within.
     All those who participate in the linear experience will have moments where it all feels overwhelming.  Reach deep inside to realize your truth and intimate potential.
     Be the one who responds immediately to the whispers of their soul.  Turn down the volume of the chaos so that you may hear it.
     Remind yourself often of why you are here.  Strip away the drama while embracing your soul’s intention.
     By allowing yourself to become confused in the masquerade, there can be loss of internal focus.
     To do this it is important to see past the dramas to the core of who you are.
     At the end of the life, when the lights grow dim and the desire to move out of the linear grows strong….. remember.
     Remember the energy of events.  The sun on your face, the squeeze of a hand, the sparkle in the eye of one you randomly helped.  These are the strong moments of who your soul is.
     It will not be the items that are left behind, and not the stairway of prominence you were dedicated to climb.
     It will be the vibration of your heart, as it remembers the love.
     Be the love.
    Be who you are.”

Become Your Truth by Veronica

     “Within all of you is a core energy that resonates with your soul.  To know when the two are in harmony is the beginning of realizing your full potential in this current life.

     It is important to be not only a seeker of your own truth, but also a believer in its potential within you.  Decide today that if you are out of sync with your energy, that you make committed strides to remedy the separation.

     It is easy in the chaos of linear to lose your way.  Reserve the judgement of that loss, and use the energy to reconnect.

     Be your powerful self regardless of anyone’s opinion.  By allowing those individuals the power to block your path, there is acceptance of what was brought forward to begin with.  Never lose sight of your own energy.  Give it the chance to blossom into the magnificent flower of love that it is.

     Stand strong in your energy and its path, no matter what it is.  Without a full sense of self, there can be confusion.

     Your core energy is yours to design this life.  Just simply begin.  The rest will follow.

     You can.

     You will.

     You become your truth.

     Nothing is more beautiful.”


Inner Whispers

A Message From VERONICA – Getting What You Desire

    “Often we are asked in readings the likelihood of a particular linear event.  There is great attachment to these outcomes that are laced with deep desire.
     Those seeking what they desire blame outside forces for the demise of their dreams.  We counsel that everything is possible if one keeps their thoughts clear + concise without the additives of unnecessary drama and scattered focus.
     If you are wanting to manifest a scenario then be sure your focus is clear and the intent pure.
     Be truthful with yourself about the origins of your desire.  Escapes from your true lessons will not manifest something that ultimately will not serve you, i.e., you may believe in your current moment that a linear experience will fulfill your ultimate desire.  However, in the eternal moment you know that it is a distraction prepared by yourself.
     So be eternally truthful when seeking a desire.
     All of your thoughts will manifest to physical so be concise and direct especially with yourself.  In this way you will get what you desire.  The rub is that it must evolve your spirit in some way.  If it doesn’t it will not manifest.  Your higher self will see to that.”
Editor’s Note:  VERONICA often speaks of “Linear Moments” and “Eternal Moments”.  Linear Moments are those that take place within time as perceived when we are physical.  Eternal Moments are moments perceived outside of the time-line, as is done in nonphysical states of being and by all entities such as VERONICA.

Be The Solution by Veronica


     “It is well known how dense the energy can be in linear reality.  The most advanced of souls often find it a maze of difficulty to navigate through.

     In these moments, one can decide to be a victim of circumstance, or a creator of the solution.

     The energy of such obstacles can be diminished if one keeps aligned with their own soul’s purity and resolve.  Thus, the importance of establishing a relationship with your soul.  If you have not take the time to do so, we feel it is of the utmost importance to do.

     There is nothing more empowering than to conquer the linear density, even at the most elementary levels.  Decide to be flexible in the pursuit of the perfect connection.  Know that if you are disconnected it has taken some linear time to get there.  Be fair with yourself and allow the firmness of your energy to regain  its position.

     Those in spirit never give up, nor should you in the linear.

     Roll with the perceived punches from physical reality.  Know that no matter what occurs, you have the ability to rise above and conquer it.

     Yes it is dense.

     Yes it’s difficult.

     However, you are resilient enough to withstand the difficulty and move through it.

     Yes. you are strong.

     Yes, you are spiritual as well as physical.

     Flex your spiritual awareness, and proceed to a more comfortable space.

     Be the solution.”


Recalling Your Spiritual Awareness by Veronica

Spiritual Awareness
   “You have to be willing to change your current moment to evolve.  Otherwise, you continue to create the same dramas over and over again.  It has been said in your culture that insanity is the creation of the same event, expecting a different outcome.  The reason for this is that what needs to change is you, the creator of the moment.
     By taking responsibility for your reality, there is opportunity for it to be what you desire.  By sitting back and being victim to the drama, indeed it will repeat itself.  Different participants perhaps, but the same energetic enactment.
     The energy of your reality seeks a leader to redesign linear participation.  Again, that is you.  All reality is created by thought.  A conscious thought creates awareness.  Awareness allows your thoughts to take a front position instead of a rear position.  Unconscious creation may not produce what you would prefer to expect.
     We realize that it may appear to be overwhelming, especially if the drama is expanding out of control.
     Seize the energy within yourself and slow it down.  In a time-line, this may take a bit of “time”.  Remember that you are a powerful force, having a physical experience.  You did not come here to be the victim of anything.
     It is of course a choice.  Victim?  Creator?  Bringing full awareness begets a creator.  It is what your intended.
     Recall your spiritual awareness and use it.
     It is time.”

Thoughts Can Change Your World – You Have the Key – Use It.




“Thinking is one of the daily aspects of linear living.  Everything you participate with right down to the brand of toothpaste you use is a thought process.  It’s something you do automatically without understanding the grandness of what is occurring.

Every time you think of something it manifests itself into your daily routine.  All occurrences and experience in linear are a result of your thoughts.

Often we are asked to define what will occur with one’s life.

A more informative answer would be for us to ask the questioner what their thoughts include.  Are they positive?  Negative?  Or are they a jumble of randomness with no direction?  We find that the more  troubled the individual is the more scrambled is their thought process.

Our advice is to understand how important thinking is.

If you are currently dissatisfied with your life for any reason take the time to examine your thoughts.  If you are truthful with yourself you will be able to see the process that has brought you to where you are now.

How do you change it?

Start by carefully examining what you think about but more importantly how you think.

Consider it.

Your thought creates your reality.

Would it not be a comfort to change those things that are unsuitable for you?

It is within your power.

Thoughts are the most powerful tool in the universe and they are right there in your head.”



The Key by Veronica

There are certain things you can control in your life; your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions. Create the life of your dreams by taking control of your life.  It takes time but with continual practice, your life will change.  Read Veronica’s message below — Ann. 

Veronica’s Message

“Physical reality is very dense in its energy, thus many times making it difficult to create.

A more advanced soul may find the challenge interesting.  Those with less experience in the linear often feel depleted by seemingly endless difficulty.

The important thing to remember is how powerful your energy really is.  A miracle or two resides in each and every one of you.  Often it cannot be forced.  It comes forward naturally direct from your higher self.  It can be surprising how timely the arrivals can be.

Perseverance is the key to unlocking this divine energy in yourself.  Deciding to be steadfast in the face of difficulties, failure, and opposition can lead to the ability to overcome and achieve anything.

Find that spark within and hold on.  Focus on your ability to create.  Do not give up.

Your soul’s creativity can never be taken from you.  Do not in despair give it away.


Continue the effort to remain in your miracle.  By doing so you will be able to bring it into the physical.


You are a magnificent being.

Maintain your focus and be persistent.

Keep trying.”

VERONICA – channeled entities by April Crawford

Avalanche of Good Thoughts by Veronica

“The dramatics of each individual life can become difficult for the most advanced energies.  It can seem as if they pile up upon each other building a wall that separates loving energy from you.

That isolated feeling can be overwhelming.

We suggest that when negativity builds up and seems to surround the best of days, decide to tilt the scales in the other direction.

Deliberately begin to build a monument of love for yourself.  Pile positive intention upon positive intention until you have created a mountain of heavenly energetic flow.

Place your focus upon it, allowing an avalanche of love to fall down upon you.  Roll with the punches of life, while being embraced by all the clear intended energy that you can.

It is extremely difficult to avoid negative dramatics from others in the linear.  However, if you build an avalanche of love, honesty and respect, you can move through it all with a great deal of confidence.

Create as much positive energy around you as you can.  Be an individual loving power and become the center of it.

By being the creator, you state your intentions to the universe.  There will always be negative forces, but you certainly do not need to be a victim to them.

Be the positive avalanche of love and transcend beyond it.”


Inner Whispers


A New Message From VERONICA — “What is The True Path to The Correct Answer That All Seek?”

blue, flowers, forest, nature, path, trees
“One of the many phrases we hear from those entrenched in the linear is that they “have no time”.  
No time to focus their thoughts.

No time to respond to others who might be able to benefit their conscious awareness.

No time to give back to the energy of the reality in which they exist.

And lastly, no time to nurture their soul’s presence in the physical form.

It is indeed a conundrum for those who are incarnate at this time:  “What is the true path to the correct answer that all seek?

Again, we return to the individuality of all who participate.  There are universal truths yes, however, each of you have a special approach to those truths.

It is important to perhaps consider that each of you create your concepts of time as it relates to you.  If you are finding you are short of time, it is important to create the moments that would sustain your balanced existence.  It should be of importance to find the time or create it as your soul sees fit.

Redirect your thoughts to include in their creations a moment of pause to rediscover why you are here in this time.

Thinking often does not require time, but without thinking, there is no solid opportunity to create.  So decide to multi-task if necessary to allow your thoughts to breathe.

Give your thoughts life.  It may be just the formula you need to create a new reality.

At least allow your self the opportunity to do so. ——– Think clearly whenever possible.

You as a thinking creator originally designed time.  Rethink how you can design enough time to live this life fully.

You are capable. ——— Perhaps just decide to have/make enough time.  It is after all, a perceived concept.”


Appreciation from Veronica

Wake Your Spirit Up —  Create Positive Thoughts and Appreciation!

“In the physical much attention especially in your culture is given to negative actions.  The emphasis in its intention to create awareness, often results in creating more of the same.  If you believe in the concept of thought creates reality, then it is important to regard yours as a canvas of your creation.

Knee deep in the muck and mire of a negative reality does make it complicated.  Be focused on finding the good actions of others and demonstrate your ability to recognize them.  By doing so you help to create a contrary position to all the negativity.

Of course it would be wonderful if all this could be created with a snap of the fingers.  It is a fact that the emphasis on the negative gets much more attention.  Therefore, it is imperative to be patient, while continuing to appreciate all the positive moments, people, and actions you can find.

You may feel all alone in the endeavor.  You may become despondent at the density of the mountain of negativity.  However, realize that spirit is right there with you.

Since we are not of solid existence at the moment, we depend upon your physical presence to enact the recognition from your viewpoint.

We are there supporting you, guiding you, and loving you.

Together there is probability of a new perspective and energy.

A positive moment to be appreciated by all.”