Afraid of Something Happening?

woman walking alone

Let me tell you what happens when you are afraid of something happening. It is a universal law that whatever you focus on you will experience.  Therefore, whatever you are afraid of will surely find its way to your experience.  There is no exception to this law.  Fortunately it takes real focus and persistent fear to bring it to you. You must remember that a thought will always result in some type of emotion. Emotion is a very powerful feeling which is a major part of creating.  Fear is a very powerful emotion.  Therefore, consider that the amount of emotion (fear) you invest in not wanting something to happen because your focus on the fear will bring it into your experience in some way at some time.

Also, it is almost impossible to bring what you want when you hold so much fear about the outcome you don’t want.  Remove your personal investment of fear about what you don’t want to happen, and now use that powerful energy and direct it to what you want. Let go of the fear by concentrating on what you do want, believe you will receive it, and be happy.

No matter what you have been thinking or feeling, your power to create something NEW is NOW.  Stay in the NOW and focus only on what you DO WANT.  Forget about the statement of “I don’t want” and avoid saying these words when expressing what you want.  The Universe does not recognize negative words and will interpret “I don’t want” for “I do want”. ~Kathyann